For many outsiders, yoga is just yoga. And many would not realize the difference between yoga until they really join one yoga club. Just like yoga mats, there’s a whole different range of yoga mats for you to choose from. Likewise, there are also many differences between a fast yoga class and a slow one. When you are considering to signing up for a yoga class, it’s essential for you to understand your body’s abilities and limitations.

A fast and dynamic yoga class can be a great way to build your energy. For instance, if you have been practicing yoga for a long time and you want to build more strength and muscle endurance as well as losing some weight in a short period of time, a fast yoga class can be your best option. However, you should keep in mind that practicing the fast-paced yoga for a long time may cause you a bit of muscle fatigue. And a faster class may help you regain your energy and keep your body motivated if you are feeling exhausted and fatigued. Besides faster yoga classes can also help you clear your mind of distractions, because you will pay more attention to your flow and practice instead of the trivia that happens during the day.

Slower yoga classes and practices attach more importance to proper alignment and mental peace. The relaxation and extension of your muscles depends on how long you can hold poses. In addition, a slower class also offers you the time to focus on your mental concentration because the time you spend on each pose will give your mind the opportunity to calm down and think peacefully. And there are some other factors that may exert an influence on which yoga class should you consider, for example, if you suffer from injuries, a fast flow class may cause more harm to your body, so a slower yoga class may help you recover from injury.

Physical Benefits of Fast Yoga


Lose weight

Fast yoga classes work better to help you burn calories and lose weight in a short period of time, because it is a high-intensity workout and allows you to sweat more. Therefore, for those who want to lose weight quickly, the fast yoga class will be a better choice compared with a slower yoga one.


Fast yoga, understandably, is more intense than slow yoga, because its faster pace will require more muscle and joints movement. The intensity of fast yoga classes will help tone up your muscle and strengthen your bones as well as building your muscle endurance and ensure your body is balanced.

Clear your mind

Fast yoga classes also have mental benefits such as helping you clear your mind and put aside things that bother you during the day. It is easy to enjoy the moment as the intensity and speed will force you to be focused on the practice. It also helps relieve stress, removes anxiety and decreases depressive symptoms while improving mood.

Physical Benefits of Slow Yoga


Develop patience

When it comes to exercise or something physical, we often relate that to speed, high intensity and lots of sweating. However, when you practice slow yoga, you might feel impatient. But that is exactly the point of slow yoga, once you get used to the slow pace of it you will find all the benefits. You will learn to be patient during the slow-moving moments eventually.

Improves Flexibility

All kinds of yoga exercises improve your flexibility, but slow flow yoga can be a relatively better one. Breathing with relaxation during your practice and working on certain muscle groups for a long time will build your flexibility remarkably. Besides you will find that your posture and balance will be improved greatly after you increase your flexibility.

Builds your mental toughness

As well as helping with your patience through the slower pace, the slow yoga also improves your mental toughness in keeping poses for longer. It might be difficult for some to keep a specific pose for 3-5 breaths at one time, but this will undoubtedly build you mental toughness with the regular practice, especially after you train yourself to hold the poses through the discomfort.

Prevents injuries

The slow yoga will spare you the worry about the intensity and fast pace of fast yoga, and you can adjust your own limitations and strengths according to your own physical condition. This practice will further strengthen your injury-prone muscles and work out in a way that will be unlikely to get you an injury.

Improves Overall Health

As we mentioned above, there are many benefits of slow yoga including both mental and physical ones when you add it to your regular fitnessmay feel routine. But it also improves your overall health such as improv your heart health, lung and respiratory health.

We now live in a fast-paced world where we may endure lots of pressure and emotional breakdown sometimes may occur, so regular exercise such as yoga will definitely give us an opportunity to release our pressure and lift our mood. However, it is important for many to remember that what is right for your body today, may not be right for you tomorrow. Therefore, you should always feel free to choose whatever styles you prefer and which bring you the most benefits.

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