Gyms have special lighting needs and a gym equipped with a good lighting is a must for athletes to be safe as well as being focused.  However, gym lighting can be an often-overlooked element of design, and the right lighting can greatly help transform the gym into something that inspires and motivates gym-goers. Being more creative with the color and layout of the lighting can give your gym more talking points and help it stand out from competitors. Besides, a well-designed gym lighting system will also enjoy cost-saving benefits. More and more gyms start turning away from traditional fluorescent lighting which is not only costly but may cause headache and exhaustion on athletes. Here are some tips for you to upgrade your gym lighting.

What Kind of Lights Should You Consider?

1. Smart lighting

There are many different kinds of smart lights and this type of lighting is often controlled by an app on your smart phone or computer. One of its features is that it can be made to illuminate in a wide range of colors which will make your gym become more attractive. In addition, they are also capable of doing other things such as fading on, fading off and changing colors.

Some gyms installed with this lighting system even program it to light gradually in the morning and to emit dingy light in the afternoon.

2. LED floodlights

You need to pay extra attention to the exterior areas where it requires to be well illuminated, particularly in the evenings. Because it is essential for gym-goers who just finish their work and head to your gym for some workouts. The exterior lights also play a significant role in attracting more customers to your gym. The cost-effective and durable exterior lighting are always the important factors that you need to consider when making your decision, this is when LED floodlights come to the rescue. These LED fixtures are well-designed to deal with most conditions such as humid and heat. As we all know that LED lightbulbs can not only save energy but also help save your budget by cutting down the use of electricity.  There is another aspect you need to consider using the exterior lighting–the walkway. Studies have shown that locations with better illumination can greatly reduce customer accidents which will help you provide a safe place for you customers to exercise.

LED floodlights

3. Halo mirrors

Workout areas are one of the most crucial areas, because it is where your clients will spend most of their time and it is also the perfect place to get a gym selfie. Mirror surrounds are the secret that helps gym owners to create a flattering light for their customers and they are not too bright which is perfect for gym-goers because most of them want a light that has a gentle level of brightness. Therefore, they won’t feel the lights are making their eyes uncomfortable or getting distracted by the lights when they are on a workout machine.

4. Downlights

For lockers and some personal areas, we recommend downlights which provide a type of bright and gentle illumination. Because lockers and changing areas should be well illuminated for your clients to see their personal stuff clearly but also offer gentle light for them to get relaxed or take a rest. Downlights are ideal for providing a bright as well as a soft light effect.

5. Recessed lighting

As for areas such as pool and shower places, you must consider lights that is waterproof and UL listed for wet locations.  Recessed lighting is well-received in the industry for it can be used to protected the lights when it is installed inside the ceiling. And that makes it a perfect choice for the shower room because it can be installed higher and offer a feeling of safety. On the other hand, recessed lights can help swimmers avoid eye discomfort.

The most important thing when choosing lighting for a gym is to keep the comfort and safety of your customers in mind. You certainly want to create a place that is interesting, entertaining as well as safe for your clients. We believe that you can achieve that goal easier with the right choice of lighting.

Lighting is as important as gym equipment. Write to us to discuss more.