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Fitness Wellness Equipment OEM Manufacturing

Speck specializes in original equipment manufacturing (OEM), which means that the company can create custom fitness equipment for other brands, allowing them to expand their product lines without the need to invest in expensive manufacturing equipment and processes. With a team of experienced engineers and designers, Speck Fitness Equipment OEM Manufacturing can create a wide range of fitness products that meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer. Whether it’s a new exercise machine or a line of weightlifting equipment, the company can design and manufacture products that are tailored to the brand’s unique style, specifications, and budget.

Customization Process For You

Identify your needs and requirements

1. Identify your needs and requirements

The first step in the customization process is to identify the customer’s needs and requirements. This may involve discussing the customer’s fitness goals, any physical limitations they may have, and their preferences for features and design.

Design and engineering

2. Design and engineering

Once the customer’s needs and requirements are understood, the next step is to design and engineer the customized fitness equipment. This involves creating 3D models or prototypes to ensure that the equipment meets the customer’s specifications.


3. Manufacturing

After the design and engineering phase, the customized fitness equipment is manufactured. This may involve sourcing specialized parts or materials, and assembling the equipment according to the customer’s specifications.

quality control

4. Quality control

Once the customized fitness equipment is manufactured, it undergoes rigorous quality control testing to ensure that it meets the customer’s specifications and performs as expected.

deliver and installation

5. Delivery and installation

Finally, the customized fitness equipment is delivered to the customer and installed in their home or gym. This may involve coordinating with the customer to ensure that the equipment is installed properly and that any necessary training or support is provided.

What distinguishes Speck?

Safety and Innovation Balance

Safety and Innovation Balance

Design Certificates

Design Certificates

Ideas Realization For You

Ideas Realization For You

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Is Speck Group an OEM/ODM manufacturer of fitness equipment?2021-07-31T23:54:35+00:00

Yes, Speck group is an OEM/ODM manufacturer of fitness equipment. We are the leading fitness equipment / yoga mat / resistance band / dumbbell / kettlebell / knee pad manufacturer factory with Research & Development and sales support from concept design, prototype fabrication, tooling development, quality control, mass production to final shipment for wholesalers and global private brand customers.

Can I contact you any time?2021-07-31T23:40:40+00:00

Yes, sure. Our 7*24 hour service will provide you with the best fitness equipment purchasing solutions and after-sales service to help you. We will reply your email within 24 hours regarding question or inquiry on yoga & fitness products.

What certificates do you have?2021-03-12T05:30:44+00:00

RoHS, Prop 65 / CA65.

What’s your payment term?2021-03-12T05:30:02+00:00

Usually will be T/T. For very small trial order, PayPal is acceptable.

Can I have private shipping label?2021-03-12T05:27:12+00:00

Yes,  sure. Please let us know the label content or send us the vector file (.eps or .ai format)

Can I have my own design color box? What format of design file do you need?2021-03-12T05:49:27+00:00

Yes, sure. we will send you the deadline / die cut for your color box design.

Regrading the design file/artwork, AI, EPS, CDR, PDF, or JPG are all ok. We have in house designers to handle.

How long is the production lead time?2021-03-12T05:22:16+00:00

Normally It takes 3-4 weeks. Our production capacity is very high, so we can guarantee a short delivery time.

How long is the lead time of samples?2021-04-07T04:47:08+00:00

For existing samples in stock, it takes 3 working days. If you want get the personalized or customized samples with your own logo / design / color, it takes around 7 working days.

Can I get samples?2022-08-02T09:18:49+00:00

Of course. We usually provide an existing sample in stock for free. For custom sample, the sample fee usually will be USD 5-15/pc.  Sample cost will be deducted from the production order amount.

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