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Posture is of great significance to our body health. The backbone supports our upper body and head. Wrong postures like humback do harm to our spines directly, causing injury and fatigue to our shoulders and neck. If we keep such wrong postures for a long time, both our figure and health are damaged! Only a good posture makes our body and mind more energetic and less painful. Speck insists on producing high-quality back support belts which are lightweight and breathable, aiming to give you best therapy experiences! Also, our belt can be a wonderful gift for olders around us!

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Pain-free Life

Pain-free Life

Speck back support belts can relieve your sore muscles or back pains immediately. You can wear this belt anytime, which gives you a great support while walking, stretching or bending. Have a correct posture with Speck belt and say bye-bye to pains!

Lightweight and Breathable

Made from functional fabric, a kind of material which is both durable and lightweight,  Speck back support belt has excellent breathable ability , releasing moisture and heat quickly. You can do any sports while wearing it, preventing your hurt while being quick-dry!

Sticky Touch Fasteners

Sticky Touch Fasteners

Speck back support belts are designed with sticky touch fasteners which is also adjustable, enabling you to find the most comfortable spot. Also, once the belt is fastened, you never need to worry that it will loosen up later cause our belt has strong stickness!

Speck Pain Relief Back Support Belts

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