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Speck foam rollers has multi functions, like healing hurting soft issues, improving one’s flexibility as well as reducing one’s soreness and pains. We have different sizes of rollers for ypu to choose. You can massage the target muscles by our high-quality foam rollers after long-time sitting or intensive training. Speck foam rollers fit all the people, from the beginners to the athletes. Everyone can have a comfortable and efficient massage with our foam rollers.

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Made to Move

Made to Move

Speck rollers made from high-quality foam are easy for you to move on the surface of floor, yoga mat or wall. It has regular uneveness which is specially designed on the surface, giving people a comfortable massage experience while moving on the floor smoothly.

High Performance

High Performance

Made from high-density EVA foam, Speck foam rollers give users comfortable experiences. Our rollers are friendly to human’s skins, so you needn’t worry that the foam rollers tough your skins directly. Speck foam rollers are great accessories for your training!

Great for Massage

Speck foam rollers have fit-to-man design. You can use our rollers to massage your legs, arms, necks or backs after intensive exercise. It will be a great way for you to relive muscle soreness and pains with Speck foam rollers.

Speck Massage Foam Rollers

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