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Jump rope is widely seen while people are losing weight. It can exercise the muscle groups of your whole body and burn fat at the same time. Skipping on a regular basis can also improve blood circulation and the tolerance of your heart. Futhermore, jump rope covering little space is easy and convenient for you to take with. Speck devotes to producing high-quality skipping ropes for customers. We have different types ropes for you to choose and provide customized services like printing logos or texts on ropes. For more information, read following passages and click relevant links.

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Foam Handles

Foam Handles

Handle plays an important role for the jump rope. Speck skipping rope has a foam handle, easy and comfortable for you to carry and grasp, as well as resistant to slip. Even you sweat a lot and your hands are wet, you needn’t worry that your jumping will be interrupted by sudden sliping rope.

Smooth and Fast Rotation

Smooth and Fast Rotation

This rope has ball bearing systems of high quality, which can prevent it from bending or teisting. By this way, Speck jump rope can ensure that you have smooth, stable and fast rotation while exercising. With advanced bearing system, Speck aims to give you a better rope-skipping experience.

Sturdy Rope

Speck jump rope is made from various sturdy materials like steel, alloy iron and durable rubber. In addition, our rope has an extra layer coated by powder or made by rubber, which makes it more durable. You needn’t change your jump rope for years due to quality problems, if you use Speck jump rope!

Speck Skipping Jump Ropes

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