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Speck Fitness Yoga always put customers in the first place, struggling to provide them with best products and best service. Nowadays, many people have some health problems related to back or neck soreness, because they sit in front of the computers with poor posture for a long time. At this time, relieving pain is very important. Speck yoga wheel will be one’s best way to achieve this goal. It covers little space and features with high-quality and eco-friendly material as well as fit-to-spine design, used by many people at home or even office! Follow Speck to start your health trip!

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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Speck yoga wheel is specially designed to relieve the pains of men’s back or necks. Our yoga wheel has a fit-to-man structure, giving a comfortable massage to your spines while using it. Using this wheel while you are free, it can great release the tension or pressure on your back/neck muscles!

Improve Posture

You can have deeper stretches with Speck yoga wheels! Stretching is very important to one’s postures. If your stressed muscles don’t get relieved by stretching, you may be used to the poor postures, which have a direct influence on your spine health. So start improving posture by stretching your body!

Built to Last

Built to Last

Speck yoga wheels are made from high- quality and ec0-friendly TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which is friendly to your skin, resistant to sweat and slip and free of PVC. Our yoga wheels can be used repeatly. With a strong core, Speck yoga wheels can hold up to 400lbs without any flexs or bendings under such preesure.

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