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Established in 1999, Speck Yoga Fitness owns a large amount of yogis enthusiasts. Our towels are committed to finding and researching sustainable replacement to plastic microfibers that do great harm to our oceans and lands. With towels made from natutal and eco-friendly material, Speck is proudly making contributions to enviromental protection. In addition, our towels are super soft and absorbent and you can use it in any conditions. Our towels are so soft that they won’t hurt your skins while using them to clean your sweat. Furthermore, you can customized logo, patterns or colors in Speck. Don’t heistate and click the below links to get more details.

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Highly Absorbent & Quick Drying

Made with special cotton, our towels are highly absorbent. Put your hands on the towels, you feel like that you are touching a Cloud! Speck towels are designed for any activities where you may swear invluding yoga, pilates, rowing, riding or hiking.

Diverse Scenes

Diverse Scenes

Our workout towels are light and easy to compact, covering little space of your bags. With multi-purposes, the towel can be with you in diverse scenes like gym, bathing, travelling, camping, hiking, swimming or sports.

No Plastic Microfibers

Our yoga towels don’t contain any plastic microfibers which are harmful to the environment. Made with 100% cotton, they are biodegraded as well soft to your skin. Specks devotes to the movement to preserve the environment.

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