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Good tools are essential to do job well. A suitable yoga tool is inivetable for yoga trainers cause it helps people get better results with the same work. As for Yoga beginners lacking flexibility and stability can benefit a lot from using a good yoga block.It will not only help your students safe, but also boost their confidence with some challenged postures done. In yoga, the bricks are absolutely necessary, which are suitable for different types of Yoga. Furthermore, it can be used for other activities including meditation or stretching. Speck is dedicated to providing high-quality yoga bricks to all yogis. We provides products ensuring your comfort and safety while you practice.

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Natural and Sustainable

Made for Comfort

Speck blocks for yoga features with lightweight, smooth and grippy texture that gives yogis an enjoyable feeling to hold and use. And they were made to be as comfortable as possible for yoga poses and other active pursuits.

Round Edges

Round Edges

Speck yoga blocks are ergonomically designed, with features like smooth touch and contoured corners. Besides, our blocks are anti-slip which are made from high-intensity materials, so you needn’t skidding cause the brick will keep dry even though you sweat.

Versatile Uses

Versatile Uses

Our yoga blocks are designed for varied exercising purposes including pilates, hot yoga, meditation, stretching and fitness. Even something is wrong with your necks and shoulders, you can place our bricks on the floor to help open your shoulders and relieve the pains.

Speck High Density Yoga Blocks

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