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Speck fitness yoga focuses on designing high-ferformance meditation mats which are both beautiful and comfortable. Our yoga mats can appear in different scenes like chair, sofa or bed. With small size, Speck mats won’t take the room in your house. This mat cannot only rlease the stress of your lower body while meditating, but also improves your posture, preventing you from being hurt by  wrong sitting position. Totally speaking, Speck Fitness Yoga struggles to make products which keep pace with  modern aesthetic and lifestyle.  Click and read more!

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A Great Gift

With the increase health awareness, more and more people will choose to exercise by yoga or meditation. Speck provides customized services for customers, by which you print any colors, patterns or texts on the mats. Our meditation mats can be a great gift choice for people around you.

Removable Covering

Removable Covering

Speck meditation mats has zippers on covers, enabling you to clean up mats easily.  If  the mats unfortunately infect some stains, you only need to take off  covers and clean them by washing machines. Also, it dries quickly. In a word, Speck mats make life convenient.

Fit with your home

Fit With Your Home

Besides yoga and meditation, our mats are multifunctional and can be used in many other scenes. For example, the mat can be regraded as a cushion. Sit or lie on it, you can start your reading as well as watching TV. Speck mats are very soft and you even can use it as a pillow!

Speck Yoga Meditation Mats

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