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Exercise bikes are well-known for their ability to work major muscle groups, burn fat, and improve cardiovascular health. Speck Air Bike with diverse air resistance is a powerful enables you to work the whole body. As a powerful machine that exercises your entire body, you’ll burn even more calories and get your heart rate increased after riding. Updated, distance, speed, and calories burned are shown on the LCD monitor and you can adjust your training plan based on these data. These bikes are inevitable for a gym. With simple operation, Speck Air Bike will be your best sports partner to help you bulid a healthy and long-lasting lifestyle.

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Safe and Convinence

Safe and Convinence

Pedals of Speck Air bikes is designed into the shape of cage, which is sturdy and long lasting to prevent your feet from slipping.  With floor levelers, our bikes can stand on uneven surface steadily. By this way, you can concentrate on your exercising.

Exercise Anywhere

Exercise Anywhere

This stationary bike has foldable transportation wheels which are convinent to move and you can get your cycling done anywhere you like.  To set up your own fitness studio, simply tilt the bike back and roll it to your garage, basement, or any other room.

Stop Knob

Real Road Resistance

Speck air bike has an adjustable knob and you can change the resistance easily to a level fitting you well, feeling like riding on the real road. This knob has another function of emergency brake. When you want to stop the bike, you can do it as soon as you press this knob.

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