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If you don’t know which fitness equipment is suitable to make you stronger, why not choose high-quality barbells. It will be a great tool to shape your figure and strengthen your muscles! Speck devotes to producing high-quality equipment for decades and we provide barbells of different functions and various weight sizes. Also, our barbells feature with durable layer protection,  deluxe weights choices and easy assembling, friendly to users. It is never too late to start your body building-up with Speck barbell!

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Anti-slip Patterns

Anti-slip Patterns

The bar of Speck barbell is designed with special patterns, which is not only for beautiful look, but also for your better grasping experience. Even though your hands are wet due to sweat, speck barbell won’t slip from your hands. Ergonomic design helps you grip the bar firmly.

Deluxe Weight Set

Our barbell has a set of weight combinations for you to choose. You can decide your own exercising level with varied weights provided by Speck. The weight plates is easy to disassemble and assemble. There must be a suitable plate to meet your weight lifting needs.

Silent Training

Silent Training

Speck barbell’s weight plates are covered by a thick layer made from rubber. This layer is resistant to rust, moisture and wearing. Also, this layer prevents the heavy weight plate  from damaging the floor and avoids nosie, creating a quiet training environment for you and your family.

Speck Weight Lifting Barbells

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