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The machine stations are indispensable for a gym. People who what to shape astrong bodies usually choose stations to start their training. In such a small space, exercisers can have muscle- building and challenging trainings with these machines. Speck stations can satisfy all of your workout needs in a easier and more comfortable way. Besides, our machines have attractive designs. If you are a gym owner, our machine stations may help you get more new customers!

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Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

Speck stations are made from steel of high quality and can afford  weight of around 400 lbs. Heavy-duty steel tubes, thick coated layer for cables and reinforced rods give our stations good resistance to corrison and rust. Speck stations can be used for over years.

Dual Action Press Arms

Dual Action Press Arms

Unlike other stations, Speck machine stations have dual action press arms. Our stations with diverse functions let you do different strength training to exercise many muscle groups, like chest, pectoralsand biceps. You can also exercise both of your arms.

Full Body Training

Speck machine stations can be used for many kinds of exercises besides leg extensions and rowings.The machines help workout most muscle groups of your body. Also, for the fat, the machine helps them burn calories efficiently..

Speck Workout Machines & Stations

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