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Sometimes people just want to exercise themselves by convenient fitness equipment instead of going to the gym. At this time, kettlebell will be the best choice. With small size, the kettlebell covers a little space but it can exercise large muscles of your body and your joints. Following professional exercising guidance, you can regard this kettlebell as a good tool to burn calories. In addition, Speck Fitness Yoga provides customized services based on your needs. You can have your designs on the bells, which  can also be gifts sent to others.

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Wide Texture Grip

Wide Texture Grip

Speck kettlebell has a gentle curved and wide handle with textured surface. Based on varied weights, you can pick it with one or two hands. Never worry that your plams will get hurt during the training! Speck kettlebells with wide handle will give you a secure and comfortable  exercising grip.

Color-coded Coating

Speck kettlebells have colorful coatings, weight varying from different colors. On the one hand, diverse colors make it easy for users to identify weights with using tool to measure. On the other hand, the bells are color coded by vinyl, which reduces damages to the floor and resists corrosion.

Rust Free

Rust Free

Metals are usually coated with paint to prevent them from rusting. Our kettlebells will be your perfect choice while exercising the muscle groups of arms. Never afraid of its being rust, cause power or vinylvcoating  is a great way to protect it from corrosion and rust.

Speck Cast Iron Kettlebells

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