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Speck always puts customers’ needs in the first place, struggling to provide you with best-quality products and excellent services. Based on customers’ needs, we keep make progress on our products. We insist on that good products are the one meeting customers’ needs, which is also set as our long-term goal. This bench/rack provided by Speck has multi functions as well as outstanding performance and quality. It has strong capacity for weight and thick layers to resist rust. By this way, once you purchase our products, they can be used for over years!

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Full Head Neck Support

Full Head/Neck Support

Speck designs this machine with extended bench for backrest, preventing your head from hanging in the air while you are doing exercise. The benches have soft touching, struggling to provide comfortable training feelings.

Strong Weight Capacity

Speck benches are made from sturdy steel, providing a strong weight capacity for heavy equipment or persons. Compared with other benches, our benches are much stronger and bigger, with the maximum weight of 850 pounds.

Full Body Training

Diverse Backrest Position

This machine has many angles for backrest, ranging from -15 to 85 degrees. According to your own needs, you can adjust the seat angles to exercise targeted muscle groups. Adjusting to certain degrees, this machine can help you train your cores!

Speck Adjustable Benches & Racks

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