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The spin bike, an inevitable equipment for the gym, is commonly seen among sportsmen around the world. With high-quality and fashion-design spin bikes, your gym can atttract more customers. Speck Fitness Yoga focuses on manufacturing exercise equipment for over 20 years and we provide various services for our customers, like customization and installation. With ensured quality, our spin bikes have been sold to gyms or retailers around the world.  If you are disturbing by the sourcing of spin bikes, why not read more details about Speck and you may find your answers.

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LCD Monitor and Ipad Mount & pulse

Equipped with led screen and monitor, it’s easy for you to read calories, time, speed, updated heart rate and total mileage while riding. You also can put your ipad or phone on the mount, enjoy entertainment simultaneously!

Mute and Smooth Riding

Mute and Smooth Riding

Speck spin bikes has advanced technology on magnet system that can reduce resistance and tension, making your riding smooth and quiet.  Your families and your friends as well as yourself will never be  disturbed by noise with our spin bike.


Shock Absorbing Cushion

The cushion of our bikes are made of memory foam whose gel is good. Besides, it greatly relieves the stress and protects your buttocks with its special design for absorbing shock. Have a more comfortable riding experience with a high-quality seat!

Speck Exercise Spin Bikes

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