What are Knee Pads?

Knee pads are something that you put on your knees in order to protect them from coldness and getting injured. It can be roughly divided into sports knee pads and health knee pads. The former is designed to protect people who usually engage in sports activities from hurting their knees by accident and the latter is usually used by the elderly people and people who are suffering from knee-related diseases.

Why do You Need to Use Knee Pads?

However, knee pads have also been widely used in modern sports activities. Knees are an extremely important body part for sports as well as a part that is very vulnerable to injuries and it can be quite difficult and slow for our knees to recover once the harm caused. Some may feel the insufferable pain whenever the weather becomes cloudy and rainy. The bulk knee pads displayed in almost every sports shop can reduce the risk of getting your knees hurt in some way, and in winter they can help keep your knees warm. The following are some reasons why you use knee pads:

  1. Reduce injuries

This is particularly true for sports athletes and enthusiasts. It is very common to see professional athletes such as runners, basketball and volleyball players wear wholesale knee pads during the practice and competition. Those sports activities often involve many movements which can exert a lot of stress on our muscles and joints and may also cause a knee injury by accident. But with the protection of knee pads, the risk of getting hurt can be reduced greatly because they will play an active role in protecting the muscles and ligaments around our knees. Besides, many studies have suggested that students and athletes who wear custom knee pads during games such as volleyball and basketball are able to avoid knee injuries by a greater chance compared with those who do not wear them.

  1. Support knees

The knee joint is the place where the upper and lower leg bones meet, and there is a meniscus in the middle with the patella in front. Stretched by two muscles, the patella suspends between the junction of two leg bones, which makes the patella very easy to slide. But in our daily life, the patella can move freely in a small area around our knees because it is free from outside influence and there’s no intensive exercise put on it. But when we do a lot of leg exercise such as going hiking and climbing mountains, it will become necessary to pay attention to our knees. Putting on knee pads can help fix the patella in a stable place and then protect it from getting injured easily. And if you have knee injuries, you can also use the knee pads to help keep your shank in line with your thigh and decrease the bending of your knees.

  1. Increase performance

Sports players who play for games such as volleyball and basketball may have some hesitation when they compete with others, because those sports can be quite intense and they have a higher risk of getting their arm and leg joints hurt if they fall onto the hard floor. But with the protection of knee pads, they can be more confident when they compete on the courts.

What are Knee Pads Made of?

There are many different knee pads for different customer groups, so the materials vary greatly among different knee pad types. Here are some basics about common materials used in knee pads which may help you understand which knee pads suit you best.


Elastance, also known as spandex, is a very elastic material which can be quite ideal for the production of knee pads. Because knee pads, especially the sleeve of knee pads, should not only be expand and shrink when you put them on, but also movable when you make some exercise from running to cleaning the house. In addition, the elastance can become dry very quickly which stops the concentration of sweat and makes your knee pads stay clean and dry.

bulk elastance knee pads


As one of the most widely used organic fibers with a cheap price and durable feature, cotton has been favored by many knee pads manufacturers as a basic material for knee pads production. Besides, with a strong moisture absorption, cotton can also be very soft and breathable, which help increase the softness of knee pads and make it less irritating to your skin. It also avoids the building up of sweat and provides users with better experience. However, it will get wrinkled easily after being washed, the shrinkage rate after washing is about 4%-10% and it is not resistant to mould.

Cotton knee pad


Another material that has been applied to the production of knee pads is polyester or polyethylene terephthalate. As one of the strongest synthetically produced fibers, it adds the strength and durability to the product when used with other natural fibers, which is perfect because the knee pads made with this fiber will not be ripped apart if they fall or are put in rough conditions. On top of that, the polyester is doing well in water-resistance, which means that the knee pads made with that fiber will not collect sweat and its wrinkle-resistance will keep the color from fading and make the knee pads look as good as new even after a long time.

custom polyester knee pad


It may sound strange but rubber can also be one of the materials used for knee pads production. As is known to all that rubber is a black elastic material that is not just flexible but also waterproof, and that could be the reason why it is used in the inside padding for knee pads. Rubber can increase the elasticity, strength and water resistance of the knee pads, making it an ideal material to protect your knees especially when you fall or need to do some exercise with your knees for a long time. There are basically two types of rubber used by different companies to make knee pads and one is natural rubber made from rubber trees and the other is synthetic rubber made from oil.

custom Rubber Knee Pad


There are also some heavy knee pads made from metal, and these kinds of knee pads are made from metal to protect your knees from serious damage. These metal knee pads may look cool and add some extra weight because metal is a very hard material and it may withstand even the most vigorous hit with being cracked, but they can be very uncomfortable because they do not bend with your legs. Those knee pads are suitable for motorcycle driver’s instead of basketball and volleyball players because those sports require players to bend their knees a lot.

Metal knee pad

What is the Best Knee Pad That Suits You?

Before choosing your own knee pads, you may want to know what kind of the knee pads do you need, do you need the knee pads for work and exercise or you want to buy them as a gift for you parents. Here are some suggestions about how to choose the best knee pads that suits you.

If you are buying them for the elderly people, you may want to know more about the warm and comfortable woolen knee pads. These knee pads are made from wool and other warm materials which help keep the knees warm and increase the body surface temperature and it can be the best choice for those who are suffering from rheumatism in the legs.

People who suffer from patellar tendonitis may feel the pain under their patella and it stings badly when you press it with your finger, and patellar tendonitis is a sign of athletic injury caused by excessive strain.

The patella band is a good choice for people suffering from this because the patella band is small and lightweight and can help protect the excessive strain from being put on the muscle tendon.

There’re the regular knee pads which is durable, waterproof and non-slip, which can be perfect for people who work in the construction industry and players who may get injured from the sports. And the some of these knee pads are also good for recovering from a knee injury and providing optimal comfort.

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