I. What Is a Yoga Towel?

The yoga towel is made of towel fabric that boasts the characteristic of non-slip. When used together with a yoga mat, the yoga towel can yield satisfactory exercising performance. At present, 100% percent of the microfiber towels on the market are finely woven with international high-tech nano microfiber DTY (Draw Texturing Yarn). As a result, the towel is soft, comfortable, and bright in color. Even the towel has been washed for several times, it will not pill, lint, or spin.

In addition, durability and strong water absorption and dust absorption are also strengths of yoga towels. In everyday life, you will find that the towel is not easy to wear and has a long service life. However, towels made of other fabrics will lint or spin soon after they are used. If used for a long time, the yoga towel brings people who sweat a lot actual benefits, because every time they use the towel, they can stay away from being wet.

II. Why Do You Need a Yoga Towel?

You body sweats a lot when practicing yoga sessions. If sweats drop on the mat, they would make the mat sticky and uncomfortable to use. Therefore, laying a yoga towel on the yoga mat can effectively absorb sweat, minimizing the occurrence of uncomfortable situations. But the towel can do far more than that. What are other functions? Do you know other benefits of using yoga towels? Scroll down and you will find the answer.

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  1. If the yoga mat has been used for a long time, its surface will contain dusts that offer a perfect place for bacteria and mites to live in. So a yoga towel can prevent yoga fans from directly contacting the mat, which helps to lower the possibility of adsorbing bacteria and mites into the body. It is suggested that while doing yoga asanas that requires the face meeting the mat, you should use a yoga towel to keep good hygiene.
  1. The yoga towel is made of microfiber that absorbs liquids quickly. It is capable of preventing people from dilating pores and thereby catching cold due to mass exposure to moisture.
  1. In general, a quality yoga towel is equipped with anti-skid nubs on its back so that the towel can catch the mat below steadily. With such a practical design, yoga enthusiasts will not lose balance or even slip when doing yoga sessions. In addition, the towel can help people complete several stretching postures and improve the safety of exercise. Some yoga towels have imbedded rubber bumps designed to massage users’ feet or back to stimulate the blood circulation.
  1. The Yoga towel is light in weight and quite portable, featuring wide application on a variety of occasions. Doing yoga asanas with such a mat is conducive to human body.

III. Why Can Yoga Towels Enhance Your Yoga Sessions?

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As a multi-purpose yoga exercise equipment, a yoga towel may become the last thing for yoga newbies to buy. However, for a professional yogi or a yoga teacher, using a yoga towel during exercising/teaching has become a must. So why can yoga towels enhance yoga sessions? Keep reading and see Speck’s analysis below.

  • Superior Material

A quality yoga towel is made of advanced microfiber, a popular material featuring durability and softness. Microfiber offers extra padding for practitioners, greatly improving the cushioning and comfort during yoga sessions. Besides, the BPA-free and healthy material allows yogis to exercise carefreely. When it comes to the reason why yoga enthusiasts love doing workouts with a yoga towel, the grip must be mentioned. The versatile microfiber ensures that the towel has a remarkable grip, which will not be affected by sweats due to the excellent sweat-absorbing properties.

  • Absorbing Properties

In order to obtain a full yoga training, it is inevitable for yoga fans to sweat during workouts when body parts such as hands and feet become sweaty and moist. If there was no yoga towel on the mat, the mat had to confront with them straightforward, making itself much more slippery. When this happens, even a professional yogi may fail to hold the pose!

Things change when the mat is covered by a yoga towel. The major function of a yoga towel is to absorb body fluids like sweat. A thick and superior towel is capable of handling with sweats effortlessly. If the intensity of the yoga sessions is considerably high, then it is advised to purchase a heavier and thicker yoga towel.

  • Durability

In general, a yoga mat is pricy than a yoga towel. If used improperly without adequate protection or maintenance, the mat may wear off quickly. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of yoga mats, yoga lovers use durable yoga towels to better protect the mat. It has been proved that the service life of a yoga mat can be extended at least for 3 years with the assistance of a durable yoga towel. In the long run, customers will eventually figure out the significance as well as the high cost-performance of buying yoga towels.

IV. How to Pick up a Yoga Towel

There are many points that deserve your attention when picking up a yoga towel. If you want to sell premium towels yet know little about the knowledge of quality ones, what should you do? Here Speck shares with you several tips about picking up a good yoga towel.

  1. Paying close heed to the weight of the yoga towel. The same texture does not indicate the same quality. In fact, when two towels share the same texture, the weight becomes the X factor. As is the general rule, the heavier the weight, the better the quality. A thick yoga towel weighs approximately 380 grams while a thin one only weighs about 300 grams.
  1. Picking up a yoga towel that has full and round rubber nubs. Shoddy and fake products inevitably worsen the using experience.
  1. Testing the anti-slip property of the yoga towel. A quality towel has an excellent grip performance. You can touch the towel or simply roll small objects on it.
  1. Buying a yoga towel that adopts microfiber as the main material. Such a towel is characterized by durability and strength. And you are also supposed to take the color into consideration if you have aesthetic requirements.
  1. Checking whether there are 8 overlocks (high elastic polyester thread) on the towel. Some yoga towel manufacturers use 6 or only 4 overlocks to lock towels, which enables threads to come out easily and uglily.

V. How to Clean a Yoga Towel

After using the yoga towel, you should clean it at once, otherwise the sweat remaining on the towel will stimulate the growth of bacteria, which eventually triggers off illnesses such as dermatitis as long as there exists skin exposure/contact. So how to clean a yoga towel? Are there any things that deserve your attention?

  1. Washing yoga towels in ammonia water is a good way to sterilize bacteria off the towel. Ammonia water has an amazingly good capability of cleaning and disinfecting dirt. A few drops of ammonia water is adequate to cleanse the yoga towel. But it should be mentioned that the amount of ammonia water should be strictly controlled in case of irritating residue of odors.
  2. There is an easier and safer way to do the cleaning, namely, adopting salt water. Simply soak the yoga towel in salt water for about an hour, then gently rub the towel before washing it with clean water. This method also helps to remove the dirt on the surface of the towel.

VI. How to Order Custom Yoga Towels in Bulk?

As an experienced yoga mat manufacturer, Speck has been designing and manufacturing yoga products for decades. We offer OEM and ODM options based on clients’ requirements. Our professional R&D team is capable of working out complicated and elegant designs of varied types. Currently, custom options offered in Speck include custom mold tooling, custom logos, custom colors and custom packaging.

Custom Size

Speck is home to a complete set of yoga towel manufacturing equipment, and can realize custom mold tooling as long as our clients’ requirement is reasonable. Theoretically, we can offer you yoga towels of varied shapes and sizes.

Custom Logos

Printing logos on yoga towels is a must as logos can not only unveil the identity of the products but also help to promote your brand/company. Your logos and lettering on yoga towels can be obtained by 6 processing methods including silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, laser engraving, embossing, weaving and silicon printing.

If you are seeking for a brand-new logo, Speck can provide you with original design logo options for your reference before printing it onto the products.

Custom Colors

When it comes to custom colors, you can simply tell us the color code in Pantone Color Matching System, and we will paint the products accordingly. Since there are thousands of color options in Pantone system, just keep patient and you will find the One.

Custom Packaging

Speck provides our clients with a wide range of packaging solutions like display boxes, color boxes, bubble bags, hand tags, UPC sticker labels and so on. All these packaging materials can be personalized based on your needs. You can email us design files in .eps or ai format so as to facilitate our jointed work. If you do not have design file available, our professional design team can do the job for you. Just tell us your idea and let Speck materialize it.

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