Lululemon is a global athleisure brand that sells a wide range of workout apparel such as yoga clothes, leggings and yoga mats. Lululemon yoga mats are meant to strengthen people’s mind and body by offering them adequate daily exercise.

The company’s mission is to create upbeat change for a healthier and better lifestyle. As a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, it puts sustainability as one of its core principles and this philosophy has been displayed in the lifespan of its sustainable yoga mats.

In October 2020, Lululemon unveiled its Impact Agenda in which it declared that it would become a more sustainable company. The fitness mat supplier has been using eco-friendly and bio-based materials for its yoga mats such as plant-based nylon, latex and natural rubber.

In order to stay committed to the company’s promise for sustainability and ensure the purchasing of the raw materials are done environmentally friendly and responsibly, it has also created a partnership with Bolt Threads, a California-based biomaterials startup, which produces renewable and cruelty-free material such as the mushroom-based leather, and Lanza Tech, a company that manufactures polyester from recycled carbon emissions. Lululemon’s Accessories Design team has developed the new yoga mat based on mushroom leather. This new sustainable yoga mat has the potential to replace the traditional mats. As the leading yoga mat manufacturer, Speck shares you the information about the Lululemon sustainable yoga mats.

Can Lululemon Yoga Mats be Recycled?

 Yoga mats are a relatively durable fitness tool which is not necessary to be replaced very often. But when the one you are using finally wears out or you just think the current one is not suitable for you, you may consider: Is it possible to recycle your yoga mat?

Whether your yoga mat is recyclable or not is basically determined by the materials they use. Many wholesale yoga mats are typically made from polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. Many manufacturers choose this material for its non-stick qualities, but the downside can not be ignored. The polyvinyl chloride can release many toxic chemicals such as phthalates, lead and cadmium. Worse still, you are breathing in the toxic chemicals from your yoga mat made with PVC while you are exercising, and as a type of plastic, PVC will never be biodegradable which makes it extremely hard to recycle.

Lululemon, however, has adopted great alternatives to PVC yoga mats, for example, its bulk natural rubber yoga mats and plant-based nylon ones are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable which make it possible for those mats not to release any harmful chemicals and can be ended up in your local landfill without damage the soil. In addition, you can always recycle your Lululemon yoga mat by donating it to the local thrift stores or just give it to someone in need.

Lululemon also supplies its custom yoga mats with materials such as cotton and cork, which are very green and environment-friendly. You can just throw it at your back yard if it is rather worn-out, because the materials will degrade over time and become the compost nurturing trees and plants. Besides, it releases no harmful pollution into the air which could cause damage to our health and the environment.

Lululemon has a collaboration with Reiten Right to recycle its old or unwanted yoga mats into equestrian footing. However, not all of its yoga mats are recyclable because of the materials they are made from, Lululemon still has figured out a way to make it possible to recycle its yoga mats. Equestrian footing is an extra ornament which provides competing horses with more balance and cushioning. The company also works with other companies to turn its unwanted yoga mats into flip-flops for women, which can be made in various colors and patterns.

What’s more, the non-slip properties of Lululemon yoga mats also allow you to put them under the furniture or carpet to keep them from slipping, or put them outside the bathtub if the floor in your bathroom is too slippery.

Are Lululemon Yoga Mats Vegan?

In order to avoid the accusations of animal abuse, slaughter and advocate sustainability at the same time, Lululemon, a Canadian athletic apparel brand, renowned for its yoga clothing, has introduced the world’s first mushroom-based yoga mat which is made by a team of its creative designers. This yoga mat is entirely made of vegan material. The makers of it state that the process of the mushroom-based yoga mats is totally free of animal products. The vegan yoga mats act as a reminder with the hope that they will raise awareness and consciousness about animal abuse and cruelty.

Like anything made at lululemon, its yoga mats also contain natural materials and avoid using tests on animals.

Furthermore, Lululemon stresses that vegan mats are able to provide customers with the similar texture and feel as any other mat would and are also a perfect alternative to the traditional mats.

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What is the Most Sustainable Yoga Mat?

Yoga mats are made from a variety of materials but it’s worth noticing that not all of them are recyclable, biodegradable and with sustainable. Some yoga mats are made with environmentally destructive plastics that would pollute water supply, the air quality, and even enter the food chain.

The sustainable yoga mats, also known as natural yoga mats, are usually made from jute, cotton, cork and natural rubber which are more environment-friendly and green compared with those traditionally made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

The Canadian yoga and athleisure company has become a cultural sign in the industry of fitness. Lululemon has displayed multiple claims on their website about how sustainable their products are such as yoga mats, and it has made sustainability a part of its corporate culture and future goal.

In early 2022, the company has unveiled some products made from Mylo, a new mushroom-based vegan and sustainable leather created by biomaterials startup Bolt Threads. And one of the products is a woven yoga mat which took inspiration from the brand’s 3D-textures Take Form Mat, which helps its users find yoga pose alignment without looking down during exercise.

How can I build a brand like Lululemon

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