We bought a PRO Yoga Mat of Manduka so as to let our professional reviewers fully test and evaluate the performance of the mat. Move on and finish reading the product review!

Our final evaluation comes the first: the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is not suitable for yoga beginners, and it is the ultimate yoga fans who have been practicing yoga for years can master the PRO one. According to one of my instructor friends, the Pro Yoga Mat of Manduka may be the last one that accompanies your yoga life. I was really amazed by his high evaluation and started to wonder if I could perform one hand balance on this magic mat. Move one to find the truth!


The PRO Mat of Manduka is made from PVC (Thermoplastic Elastomer), a material that is prevalent in the yoga mat market. PVC yoga mats are characterized by good elasticity and anti-slip functionality. And the PRO Mat of Manduka is smooth yet yields perfect grip when flat out on the floor. This material adopted by PRO Mat is eco-friendly and contains no toxic element, posing no threat to human body and presenting ultimate durability.

Highlights: The PRO Mat is eco-friendly and contains no toxic element.

Manduka yoga mat


Unlike most of the yoga mats in the market that are soft yet lack cushioning functionality, the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat is characterized by high-density and comfortable pillar. The padding of almost 6 mm in thickness provided me both comfort and stability, enabling me to practice poses much more freely. It perfectly combines the softness of the material and the due cushioning without irreparable compressing. This feature did help me a lot especially when I was exercising some poses that required high pressure on my knees and elbows. In terms of the comfort, I had to say that this mat really surprised me!

Highlights: It perfectly combines the softness of the material and the due cushioning without irreparable compressing.

portable Manduka yoga mat


Believe it or not, a brand-new PRO Mat of Manduka is unworthy of that large sum of money you paid for it. Why? Because a newly-bought PRO Mat is not so friendly in terms of the users experience. And I could not sense the so called unbelievable grip. For me, this mat had no grip at all at the start! Whereas, after 3-4 weeks of using, the premium performance of the mat was unveiled and I eventually figured it out that the Manduka PRO Mat required a certain time to break it in.

Actually, Manduka is aware of this specialty of the PRO Mat and offered guidance for customers about how to speed up the process of breaking in with a salt rub. I followed their instructions thoroughly, covering the whole map with salt for 24 hours and wiping it with a damp cloth. It did make a difference later. However, it dawned on me that why didn’t Manduka do it for us customers? I tried hard to shift a new and expensive mat into a seemingly used one. Was that worth doing?

Highlights: The PRO Mat of Manduka requires yoga fans a gigantic amount of time to break it in, and is thus unfriendly to yogis who lack patience and time.

After briefly handling with my PRO Mat, I took it with me to a yoga class where I regretted my choice of bring such a mat! This mat was still slippery and called for a towel to make up for the safety. And it was even more dangerous when I got sweating, I was so frightened to make any singe pose and had to leave the class earlier. I then called one of my yoga friends who had been using the Manduka PRO Mat for years, and she told me that she had the same feeling for the mat at the very onset, and it took her nearly 2 months to break the mat in. Yes, this mat did have the perfect grip. From my perspective, casual yogis should not consider purchasing the Manduka PRO Mat, which would certain let them down and cost a lot of time to sweep the annoying slipping.

manduka yoga mat maker


I gave the highest marks/stars to the Manduka PRO Mat in terms of durability. Just as Manduka claims that the mat offers customers lifelong service: it will never fade or peel off and can withstand years of using. I just have practiced on it for 2 months, which may not be so convincing. Therefore, I again turned to my friend who used the mat for 5 years and she said her mat remained the same as before! Besides, this mat contains no latex or other chemical ingredients and is OEKO-TEX-approved. The durability as well as the hygiene of the mat deserve your serious money.


Imagine, you alone take a 71-inch mat of 7.5 pounds to attend a yoga class. You have to roll it up and pave it on the ground yourself. Do you find it easy or convenient? Luckily, I did not purchase the one of 85-inch and 9.5 pounds, which would further drain me for sure.

Highlights: Not light at all!

Manduka yoga mat manufacturer


I thought Manduka might have noticed the heavy weight of the PRO Mat and provided customers with the strap. This strap, made of renewable fibers, is light, durable and stylish. Adjustable in length and tightness, it is applicable for all types and sizes of Manduka yoga mats and can securely fasten your yoga mat with the smooth polyester webbing. And the removable pouch on it can offer you a space to store your keys, phone, wallet and other gadgets. To tell you the truth, I thought this strap was comfortable to carry on the shoulder when it is packed with other lighter mats of Manduka (the PRO Mat is too heavy for me to carry). Here I recommend you to wash it by hands as it is also easy to clean.

Highlights: This strap is a practical and versatile accessory.

Manduka strap
PVC Yoga Mats


The PRO Mat has a closed-cell frame on its surface, which successfully keeps itself from taking on germs and moisture. But, you still have to clean it on a regular basis. It is recommended by Manduka that you wipe the mat every time you have finished practicing yoga on it, and then dry it in a ventilated place before rolling it up. Do not soak or shower it, which may damage the map and also violates the due lifelong warranty.


I also purchased the GRP Yoga Mat of Manduka, striving to find out which model was better. The following is what I found. Unlike the PRO Mat that required a good chunk of time to break it in, GRP had immediate grip whenever I practiced yoga on it and its anti-slip performance was sparkling. GRP was also expert at eliminating smell or odors due to its charcoal-loaded rubber layer. Whereas, its durability was overshadowed by PRO and it was not included in the lifelong warranty provided by Manduka.


The price of PRO Mat is not favorable, instead, it is extremely expensive. Buying a single one will cost you $120! There are two reasons why Manduka sells this type of mats at such a high price. Firstly, the PRO Mat is made from PVC, a material that is comparatively higher than its counterparts in the market. So why is PVC so expensive? The high price of PVC yoga mats is driven by two factors: the considerably high cost of manufacturing technology and production line input; and the relatively high scrap rate. Secondly, the brand effect and a lifelong warranty also play a significant role in the high price of the PRO Mat.

Highlights: If you are a casual yogi, then there is no need to spend such a large amount of money on this mat. If so, it is advisable for you to pick up one of higher cost-efficiency.

Final Assessment

Think carefully before you buy it!

The PRO Mat of Manduka is for those who look for higher level of yoga and who are willing to tolerate its long time of breaking in. If you do practice yoga frequently, then it is worthwhile to buy one.


Product Brand Manduka
Product Name and Model PRO Yoga Mat
Unit Price $120.00
Colors Black, Black Sage (Green), Bondi Blue, Black Magic (Purple), Sea Star, Verve (Red), Waterfall, Odyssey (Blue)
Material PVC (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
Thickness 6 mm
Warranty Lifelong guarantee for product failure and manufacturing defects

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