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Liforme is a yoga equipment brand originally established in 2008. Guided by the principles of embracing challenges and being ethical, it has gained a huge success by promoting quality yoga mats. In less than 4 years since its birth, Liforme has shipped their ingenious and functional Liforme Yoga Mats to yogis in over 80 countries, and the presence of their mats can be observed in every single state of America. Apart from offering superior yoga mats to customers, Liforme is also dedicated to environmental protection with a wish for giving back to the world. Currently, this company has built up an friendly cooperation with an environmental conservation charity named Friends Of The Earth.

In today’s article, Speck, the top custom yoga mat manufacturer, will unveil the reasons why Liforme Yoga Mats can make such a difference. Just scroll down and follow us!

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

  • Material

Liforme yoga mat is made by natural rubber that contains no PVC and is biodegradable. The mat made by sustainable rubber is also bonded with a layer of originally designed polyeuthane that is 100% eco-friendly on its surface. According to Liforme, their rubber mat will biodegrade in less than 5 years if it is threw away in a landfill. Also, their mat is non-toxic and does not have a smelly odor when flattened out for the first time, and the premium material makes it easy for yoga enthusiasts to clean the mat.

  • Grip

Liforme yoga mat is characterized by an amazing and instant grip. Unlike some other yoga mats that need time to break in, Liforme yoga mat provides yogis instant and solid grip the first time they use the mat. The mat firmly “catches” the human body even when it is stained with sweat, enabling yoga practicers to hold asanas consistently without failing. Liforme boasts their unique grip performance and name it “warrior-like grip”.

  • Cushioning

Liforme yoga mat is approximately 0.17 inches (4.2 mm) in thickness, a sufficient padding for a normal yogi to rely on. Their yoga mat is not too soft to offer a resilient cushioning, instead, Liforme yoga mat is capable of presenting adequate cushioning together with comfortable touching & firmness. It should be noted that since Liforme yoga mat is not of an extra thickened type, you should prepare a thick mat, a pair of pads or a yoga towel for yogis with sensitive joints and knees.

  • Size

Weight: 2.5 kg/5.51 pounds

Length: 185 cm/72.83 inches

Width: 68 cm/26.77 inches

Thickness: 4.2mm/0.17 inches

Liforme yoga mat is a heavy one that may not be so portable. In view of that, a free yoga bag is offered by Liforme. This bag is suitable for a long trip, whereas it may be tiring for yogis to carry the bag loaded with mat for day-to-day use.

  • The Alignforme System

The most attractive and appealing design of Liforme yoga mat lies in its Alignforme System. The Alignforme System is printed on the surface of every Liforme yoga mat. This functional and practical system consists of multiple alignment lines that are purposefully designed to help yogis correct their asanas and positions and improve their yoga techniques by navigating the mat.

This system is perfect for yoga beginners who need guidance to correct postures. The lines are so meticulously arranged for every part of human body that yogis are expected to fully stretch their bodies by rule and line.

custom Liforme yoga mat

The above picture clearly presents spots and lines of the Alignforme System. There are end-to-end lines used to indicate even lengthwise placement, reverse spots used to point out extra lengthwise alignment, the Lotus pattern on the heart of Liforme yoga mat, 45-degree lines adopted to correct heel alignment and a central line designed to guide width-wise alignment.

Liforme Yoga Mat Pricing

Liforme yoga mat is by no means a cheap one. In fact, it is quite pricy compared to other famous yoga mats. Often, a Liforme yoga mat is averagely sold at a price of $150, and when it comes to special occasions such as Christmas and Black Friday, Liforme is expected to lower the price. For example, this year’s Black Friday witnessed Liforme offering customers up to 20% discounts with extra 5% savings for buying 2 mats and 10% savings for buying 3 mats or more.

It is also recommended that yoga mat brands price products at comparatively high prices and accordingly lower them on special occasions.

Are Liforme Yoga Mats Worth It?

Yes, Liforme yoga mats are worth the price. Their mats are made by sustainable and natural rubber with a layer of home-made and eco-friendly polyeuthane. The healthy material is 100% PVC free, allowing yoga enthusiasts to hold asanas on the mat luxuriously and leisurely. The fine-tuned grip not only helps yogis to keep in good balance without failing, but also minimize the potential effects of moisture like sweat. Also, the 4.2 mm Liforme yoga mat provides yoga lovers with adequate cushioning and comfortable touching.

What’s more. The ingeniously designed Alignforme System serves as a movement guide for newbies in yoga community, showcasing great practicality as well as an aesthetic sense.

Above the Products

While expanding their yoga mat business, Liforme is devoted to protecting the environment. Liforme has built up partnership with Friends of the Earth and Tree-Nation. The former aims to better protect the natural world while the latter makes concerted efforts to coordinate reforestation. Up to now, Liforme has raised and donated over $250,000 to Fiends of the Earth, their official charity partner. And actions about reforesting the planet have been implemented step by step.

environmental protection

In addition, Liforme has created a Purple Earth mat to stimulate themselves by honoring their dedication to environmental protection and sustainability. According to Liforme, 5% of the sales is donated to back up the normal works of Friends of the Earth.

How Are Liforme Yoga Mats Made?

yoga mat manufacturing process video

The manufacturing processes of Liforme Yoga Mats include:

  1. Compounding material: Selecting raw materials according to the formula and mixing them into latex mixture.
  2. Adjusting machines: The boiler preheating the machine, setting and adjusting parameters of each district, and installing related material and mesh cloth on the machine in place.
  3. Brushing: Tightening the mesh cloth to the needle track, flattening it and then brushing it.
  4. High temperature foaming: The brushed mesh cloth is drawn to the foaming molding chamber of high temperature through the needle plate.
  5. Cooling: After foaming, the product is drawn out of the chamber to dissipate heat, then cooled and shaped.
  6. Cutting corners: Adjusting the distance of the tool holder at the end of the machine to cut the product according to customers’ requirement.
  7. Slicing: Continuing to cut the product to the required thickness.
  8. Hot pressing multiple layers: The multi-layer semi-finished products, stacked neatly in order, are laminated into a whole by a hot press.
  9. Embossing / Texturing: Making anti-slip stripes.
  10. Sizing: Cutting products to the size required by the customer.
  11. Graphic printing: Adopting laser marking or UV printing to print the pattern onto yoga mats.
  12. Logo marking: Adopting laser marking or screen printing to print customers’ logo onto yoga mats.
  13. Quality inspection: 100% inspecting each yoga mat, reworking or scrapping the defective ones, and any single defective mat bought by customers is unacceptable.
  14. Packing: Packing qualified products and putting them in storage.

How to Maintain Liforme Yoga Mats

A proper and regular maintenance of yoga mats helps to prolong the service life. Here Speck shares with you some tips about dealing with Liforme yoga mats.

  • After each class, it is recommended to flatten the mat and let it sit for dry before storing the mat.
  • Do not wash the mat frequently in case of excessive wear.
  • Clean the mat after every 5 to 10 uses.
  • Suggested washing fluids include lemon juice, diluted soap, white vinegar or ready-made cleaning solutions.
  • It is a must for yogis to dry the mat in the shade in case of damage resulted from the sun.
  • When the mat is not in use, roll it up and store it in place.
  • Skin products such as creams and essential oils pose threat to the service life of Liforme yoga mats, so avoid contacting the mat when greased. Wash them off first.
wholesale custom Liforme TPE yoga mats

How Can I Build A Yoga Mat Brand Like Liforme?

Liforme has gained a huge success in yoga mat market with an increasing population and a soaring sale. Their commitment to environmental protection has further caught the attention of people who are also willing to make contributions to the planet simply by paying the good money for health and fitness. In fact, the promotion of ecological protection is fundamentally a type of marketing strategy. By donating earnings to charity groups, Liforme not only shoulders the social responsibility but also manages to gain people’s recognition, which later brings them wealth.

From Speck’s perspective, we believe that a perfect combination of brilliant marketing strategies and superior products is key to hitting the market. The former needs a lot of time and deep consideration to come into being while the latter can be available now. Speck has been dedicated to the manufacturing of yoga mats for decades. In Speck there are a complete set of yoga mat manufacturing and a professional R&D team responsible for designing and producing. We are capable of offering you the best yoga mat products in bulk with agreeable prices. Our high-class mats have been welcomed by famous yoga mat brands and can back up your business for sure.

Time waits for no man. If you want to establish a successful yoga mat brand like Liforme, you can contact us at once!

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