Dumbbells are one of the most commonly seen fitness equipment in the gym. Characterized by versatility and portability, they are now pursued by both gym exercisers and home-based ones. In addition, they also shine bright in some other industries. For example, dumbbells of light weights are favored by therapists who ask convalescents facing with muscular dystrophy in the hospital to restore strength and build muscles.

If you are searching for dumbbells to set up your home gym, why not consider buying hex dumbbells? Hex dumbbells are perfect fitness gears through which you can gain muscles, keep in shape, and invigorate yourself. They are also suitable for beginners who try to train their biceps by doing basic curls. Besides, they often offer you 5 lbs increments, which is easy to break in and helps you better graduate to the next exercising level.

At present, there are many types of hex dumbbells on the market. They can be made by natural rubber (as the coating), neoprene, (synthetic rubber), stainless steel and cast iron. Which one is the best? In this article, Speck, the leading hex dumbbell manufacturer, will introduce to you cast iron hex dumbbells, rubber hex dumbbells and urethane hex dumbbells, and tell you the best hex dumbbells among the three kinds.

Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells

Cast iron hex dumbbells, made by solid cast iron, are the most common dumbbells on the market. In generally, this kind of dumbbells has a throwback and rustic style, which means they are not so appealing in appearance. However, just as the old saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover”, cast iron dumbbells can offer you a complete and satisfying dumbbell training with the cheapest price. They do a good job without being loved!

cast iron hex dumbbells in bulk

If it is a cast iron dumbbell of light weight, its heads as well as the handle are made by an entire piece of cast iron. But we seldom see a cast iron dumbbell with its original gray color, why? That’s because such a dumbbell is always coated with a colored paint or baked finish to present better grip. A large cast iron hex dumbbell adopt a solid steel handle that may be ergonomically designed. Both of them are suitable for home dumbbell exercise and are quite portable.

However, it should be noted that when doing lifts with cast iron dumbbells, it would be better for you to wear non-slip gloves or fitness gloves so that you can enjoy your exercise safely and comfortably. Also, the paint and the finish are susceptible to scratch and rust, so you can not clean them with a hard towel.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Rubber hex dumbbells are actually made by iron, and their heads are coated with a layer of protective rubber. Compared with other dumbbells on the market, rubber hex dumbbells may be the lightest ones (the water dumbbell is an exception). And that’s partly the reason why they are often favored by young ladies. The cushioning rubber as well as the light weight directly helps to protect your floor and dumbbell racks from being damaged. And this kind of dumbbells is actually quite durable! However, just like most of the rubber-made products, rubber hex dumbbells smell bad at the beginning, but the unpleasant odor will disappear after a short period of time. Due to the light weight, rubber hex dumbbells are widely adopted in home gyms, light commercial gyms, school weight rooms, and rehabilitation departments in the hospitals.

rubber hex dumbbell

In fact, rubber hex dumbbells can be classified into two types: natural rubber hex dumbbells and neoprene-coated hex dumbbells. The latter is synthetic rubber that is sold at a cheaper price. Speck suggests you to pick up natural rubber hex dumbbells that are eco-friendly and pose no threat to your health.

Urethane Hex Dumbbells

urethane hex dumbbells are the best dumbbells and the most expensive dumbbells among these three types. In general, a urethane dumbbell has a steel or an iron head coated with urethane. And you can hardly tell the difference between a urethane hex dumbbell and a rubber hex dumbbell in terms of the appearance. However, a hex dumbbell made by urethane is more durable and reliable, and does not diffuse unpleasant odors.

Urethane hex dumbbells boast better stability. It is often the case that you may notice some small fragments of rubber coming off from rubber hex dumbbells or rubber shivers remaining on the dumbbell stands/racks in the gym. However, you will never see this situation happening on urethane hex dumbbells. Why? The urethane coating manages to sustain physical impacts and tolerate no chemical corrosion.

The sole shortcoming of urethane hex dumbbells comes from the high cost. But the premium quality of urethane hex dumbbells allows you to enjoy a lifelong service!

Textured Grips

When it comes to buying hex dumbbells, the grip must be considered, which plays a crucial role in doing various dumbbell exercises. Neoprene-coated dumbbells offer a comfortable grip and will not escape from your hands easily even if you have sweated a lot. Cast iron and stainless steel dumbbells often have knurled patterns to enhance grip, which is really strong yet is a little bit uncomfortable. You can wear protective gloves to ease the pain resulted from friction during lifting. Urethane hex dumbbells also provide dumbbell users with agreeable traction but the traction is weaker compared to that of cast iron dumbbells and stainless steel dumbbells.

dumbbell grip

The Final Choice

Speck has pointed out the best hex dumbbells to buy. But the final choice lies on you. If you care more about the budget, then you can pick up cast iron hex dumbbells. If you worry about your hex dumbbells smashing the expensive floor, then you should avoid buying heavy dumbbells such as stainless steel hex dumbbells. Both rubber hex dumbbells and urethane hex dumbbells offering adequate cushioning should be considered. If you want to enjoy a healthy, eco-friendly and high-end dumbbell exercising, Speck then suggests you to purchase urethane hex dumbbells. All in all, you should buy the one that suits you the best.

Warm Tips:

If you have chosen the hex dumbbells, Speck advises you to pick up corresponding accessories such as a rack and a bench so that you can enjoy much more professional exercises. As is known to the line, buying products separately costs you more money. So why not buy them all in one go?

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