The kettlebell is the primary equipment used in ballistic exercises and weight lifting sport. The basic movements, such as the swing, snatch, and the clean and jerk, engage the entire body at once, and in a way that mimics real world activities such as shoveling or farm work. As a leading kettlebell manufacturer in China, to help you know more about bulk Kettlebells, Speck summaries this article to share with clients and kettlebell fans.

How do Kettlebells Work?

1. Deadlift

First, you should stand width apart over the kettlebell and make sure that your hips push back, your upper body leans forward and your back stays straight and then you need to bend your knees a little bit to be able to grab the kettlebell. Once you grab the kettlebell, you need to use your hamstrings and your glutes and remember to stabilize your back to lift it up into the top position. You do not need to go over extension when you lift the kettlebell and stand still, what you need to do is to extend your hips and your knees. After that exercise, you can drop it in a controlled manner. But the thing you need to keep in mind is that always keep your back straight and that you push your hips back so you know that the hamstrings are ready for action before they add power to the lift.

2. Goblet Squat

During this practice, you need to keep the kettlebell in the goblet position to activate your chest, because you have to press the kettlebell to stabilize it. Then you follow your chest and push your chest out and follow the biomechanics of a front squat, which means you push your knees out and keep your chest up. Next you slowly squat down and go into a bottom position, but you also have to make sure that your chest stays upright and your knees are out because this allows your upper body to stay straight, then you stand up. There are some mobility issues requiring special attention. This exercise may cause some problems if you have tight hips, and longer legs can be a little tricky for this movement, you also need a strong back to support this exercise and you can always loosen hips by following a good mobility and stretching routine to relax those hips

3. Kettlebell Press

This can also be called a press with both hands. In this practice, it is recommended that you keep the kettlebell in the so-called crossfit grip which means thumbs are in the handle and fingers are outside on the belt. Then you push your elbows in and make sure that the elbows rest on your stomach, push your hips up and relax your upper body so the kettlebell can rest on your hips or on your stomach. Once you push the kettlebell overhead top fixation, you may want to make sure that the elbows are fully locked and fully extended and the biceps are close to your ears with your body levelled. When you go back down you push your head back and the elbows come down, but remember that your arms do not flare out and keep them close to your chest and repeat the movement. You need to learn about how the breathing mechanism works during this exercise, and you can either keep the air in when you squat and breathe out or you can also take two breaths when you squat down and stand up.

Kettlebell Press

4. Kettlebell Lunge

Kettlebell lunge is one of the best leg exercises, and it works as a good accessory motion after you have done your main squats and deadlifs. This is also one of the best exercises building power, strength and endurance in your legs by exercising each your legs individually. Here we are going to cover some steps below. The kettlebell lunge starts off with two kettlebells, because you need to hold one in each hand which helps you balance your body properly. First, you need to pick them up in a proper manner so you don’t hurt your back. Put the two kettlebells just outside your feet length, step inside them and squat down to protect your back from injury and pick them up. You do not need to start with the kettlebell that is too heavy, and it would be good exercise to choose a ten-pound one because it helps you to get into the habit of picking things properly from the floor. Then stand with a shoulder-width stance and make sure that your hip is aligned over your knee and your shoulder and your body is in a straight line. This is the key because when you do the kettlebell lunge you need to step forward which requires you in a proper straight-up posture. Then do your left leg first by taking a step out with your left leg roughly two to three feet, and squat down while keeping your chest up and high and do not bend froward, and next come back to the starting position. After the left leg exercise, you can step out your right leg and repeat the movement.

Different Types of Kettlebells?

Nowadays in the fitness equipment markets, there are myriads of kettlebells coming in different sizes and shapes. However, there are two basic types of kettlebells that have been widely recognized by the public, which include the cast iron kettlebell and the competition kettlebell. And there are some differences between their functions and materials.

Cast Iron Kettlebell

Most people would picture the cast iron kettlebell when they think about this sport. This kettlebell is solid and usually made with cast iron, so the bigger it is the heavier. It is designed with a typically wider handle for practitioners to hold it with both hands. This kind of kettlebell is very common in commercial and gyms, because it’s the most versatile option among different types of kettlebells. People who choose this cast iron kettlebell are those who regularly use it during their training and lifters who want to do swings and goblet squats.

Cast Iron Kettlebell

Competition Kettlebells

Competition kettlebells are hollow compared with the cast iron ones, and they have relatively smaller handle diameters which makes it easier for one-handed movement. All competition kettlebells are with the same size and volume. These are usually for lifters and athletes who want to compete in formal competition someday and people who would like to practice one-armed movements.

Dumbbell VS Kettlebell

It is recommendable for beginners to start from dumbbells instead of kettlebells if you don’t have a coach to train you. In fact, almost all experts agree that dumbbells are the best for exercise and they are relatively safer for beginners.


If your goal of training is to pursue explosiveness and the compatibility of your movement, the kettlebell is the best choice. The special way of exercise provided by the kettlebell makes it works best for power strength and professionally explosive projects.

Strengthening the Power of Gripping

The handle of the kettlebell is relatively thicker than the dumbbell which helps strength your power of gripping. For example, using the kettlebell for bent-over row can give you enough gripping power and further your ability to do more challenging movements on the monkey bars.

Basic Exercise

Dumbbells are fit for beginners because exercises that involve them are more static which reduces the risk of getting injured, and people can start from easy movements such as bench press, shoulder press bent-over row and dumbbell squats, because they are fixed movements and allow beginners to have a better understanding of the basics of strength training to improve physical performance and then help lay a good foundation for later exercise.

The Distribution of Weight

Kettlebells are unbalanced compared with dumbbells. When you exercise with dumbbells, the weight will be evenly distributed at the both ends of the handle and the weight is balanced. But when you use kettlebells instead, the weight will be distributed to the outside of your hands which means you need to change the way you hold the handle and how you change the kettlebells between your hands.

However, it is not necessary to choose between the two, and in fact, they can be used as complementary tools instead of competitive ones

What is the Best Kettlebell Device for Beginners?

Comprehensive Considerations of Your Own Training Goal and Physical Condition        

The choice of the kettlebells that suit you best should be based on the overall consideration of individuals’ physical condition and the goal of training. We recommend cast iron kettlebells if you do not have enough basic body strength, especially the strength of your core muscles, and if you have problems of the coordination between your upper body and lower body. On the contrary, if you have good core strength and your body performs better in coordination and flexibility and you want to improve your cardiorespiratory function and muscle endurance, we recommend competition kettlebells.


When choosing the weight of the kettlebell, it is also necessary to take into consideration of your own physical condition, and slightly reduce or increase the weight of the kettlebell between the appropriate range.

The specifications of the general cast iron kettlebells are 4kg, 6kg and 8kg. The specifications of the general competition kettlebell are 4kg, 8kg and 12kg, but there are also less common ones such as 6kg, 10kg, 14kg.

Competition Kettlebells for Beginners

Try to avoid the competition kettlebells with a smooth handle, because it would be slippery and may cause unnecessary harm. Pay attention to several specifications when purchasing competition kettlebells: the size of the ball, the thickness of the handle, and the distance between the handle and the ball. These three parts slightly vary from every manufacturer, and we suggest that shorter people use smaller balls with thinner handles. On the other hand, taller people should use the kettlebell which has a longer distance between its ball and the handle, which is easier for them to change hands.

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Benefits of Using a Kettlebell?  

Like other fitness equipment, kettlebell training can be very beneficial to sports enthusiasts. There are some studies showing that after about eight weeks of kettlebell training, a significant improvement can be seen in exercisers’ endurance, balance, and core strength. Exercising with the kettlebell regularly can help boost coordination and agility and improve posture and alignment. The exercise can also save your time because you can train many body parts in the same session including cardio, strength, balance, stability, power, and endurance. Besides, you can use it to relieve your back pain because the lower back can be activated when you do swings, which in fact strengthens the functioning and health of your lower back. The equipment can be very easy to carry and it only requires a limited space for you to get started. What’s more, the exercise, which is simple and straightforward, allows you to bear some weight with your arm and shoulder which in turn helps increase your bone density and keep your body strong.

The Features of the Best Kettlebells in the Market?

It would be difficult to imagine that a ball of cast-iron with a single handle could be so beneficial. You can gain much strength from swinging the kettlebell regularly and improve your shoulder health by raising and rotating a lighter bell. The rise of the kettlebells also promotes many manufacturers to produce different kinds of kettlebells. Here are the features of some of the best kettlebells in the market.

One from the Kettlebell kings powder coat kettlebells, which boasts the best powder coat and best grip in the industry. They have weight options from 2.2 lbs/1 kg to 106 lbs/48 kg. They feature ergonomic and comfort grip handles as well as providing a flat bottom for stability when you do exercise like pushups.

The second one is called the Rep Kettlebells, and this product is well-known for its high quality and relatively low price. They also have a solid texture on their handles and their gravity casting process gives them an extremely durable feeling.

Then there is Rouge Powder Coat Kettlebell, this product is made in the US and made from industrial-grade cast iron, which makes it corrosion-resistant and vibration-proof to a degree. Its black powder coat could give extra support and grip as well as a capability to resistant fading and scratches. Its flat bottom gives it better stability when not in use.

When it comes to competition kettlebell, GetRx can not be ignored. This competition kettlebell comes in bright and eye-catching colors with the heaviest colored black and the lightest in pink. They have excellent diameter, prominent colors, smooth handle and have a weight range of 18-80 lbs.

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