Speck Group has been focusing on the fitness equipment industry for decades, and has become a leading fitness equipment manufacturer in China after years of development. Speck is mainly OEM/ODM. Since the company’s fitness equipment production base was fully put into production in 2012, as the largest domestic fitness equipment company in China, the company has insisted on independent research and development and invested in building full-scenario solutions for a long time.

Fitness equipment industry: the global market is vast, the leading advantage is obvious, and the domestic market is rising.

The global fitness equipment market is mature and broad, with a concentrated pattern. According to the report of the Global Health Research Institute (GWI), the global fitness equipment market size in 2018 was US$109 billion, with steady growth and strong barriers for the leading players. Domestic fitness equipment manufacturers mainly participate in the division of labor in the form of OEM/ODM in the global market. In contrast, my country’s fitness market still has a lot of room for improvement. In 2020, the scale of my country’s fitness equipment sales end market will reach 51.5 billion yuan, showing an accelerated growth trend in recent years. And the current penetration rate is only 0.8%, compared with the penetration rate of 10%+ in developed countries, there is a great potential for improvement.

Core advantages: leading production capacity & rich product lines, broad channels & continuous optimization of customer structure.

Speck Group is currently the local fitness equipment company with the largest production capacity in China, with 8 production bases and 2 operation centers, covering a total area of 360,000 square meters. Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on independent research and development. Through long-term continuous investment, it has built a complete and industry-leading R&D team system. Based on this, it has built a complete product line, covering home fitness, commercial fitness, national fitness, physical training, and elderly fitness. , Campus sports six scene solutions.