What is a Logo and Why do Firms Need it?

A logo is typically put on a corner of the product, designed to show the company or brand it belongs to. Why does it matter to a company to have a logo? Logo is the symbolization of corporate image or product feature. A logo has the characteristics of identity, leadership, connotation and innovation.

One of the most important functions of a logo is the identify, which enables customers to distinguish the same product made by different firms or to separate disparate companies that belong to the same sector. In addition, the logo also indicates the corporate culture, business philosophy and values of a company and represents the specific corporate spirit.

In current market environment, people are bombarded by all sorts of information and the signs and logos are beyond counting. This is why you need a logo with a distinct feature that can be recognized easily. When a company’s product is recognized by the market, other products with the same logo from the company will be accepted by customers very soon. This will help cut the cost for the brand advertising, drive the sales and further create value for the company. The logo will transfer into an intangible asset for a company once it becomes influential, which will bring the firm huge market effect.

Speck has been providing OEM/ODM services for high-end sports brands for decades, and it also has built relationship with customers from 85 countries. We also have gained valuable experience about logo design and here are six ways to help your company design a logo for wholesale custom yoga mats and they can also be applied to multiple materials.

Several Ways to Private label Your Yoga Mats

I. Silk screen printing:

Silk screen printing is one common printing technology and widely applied on fitness equipment such as yoga mats by Speck. Silk screen printing is relatively cheap and its color separation can be done automatically, so it’s gained a reputation among our customers. In most cases, the silk screen printing is used for posters, weaving products and packages. With the technological advancement driven by such leading companies as Speck, it now can be applied on more products.

However, there are also downsides of this printing technology. The most prominent one is that it is not suitable for the design with graduated color and patterns with multiple colors. It would be a better solution to use heat transfer printing if you want to apply them on your products.

silk screen private label yoga mats in bulk

II. Laser Engraving:

Laser printing or laser engraving, is based on the use of numerical control technology with laser as the processing medium. Laser engraving is the use of laser technology to engrave text on the bulk yoga mats that leaves no cuts on the surface, thus it will remain smooth and the text printed on yoga mats will not be worn out. Laser processing has the following features: it has no direct contact with the surface of the yoga mat; it is free from the effect of mechanical movement; its surface will not be transformed so it does not need to be fastened; it is not subject to the elasticity and flexibility of the material which makes it easy to operate on soft materials like yoga mats.

wholesale custom yoga mats

Laser engraved custom yoga mat

III. Embossing

Although normally we regard the method as embossing, there are actually two types of it, one is embossing and the other is debossing. It’s called debossing if a design is pressed below the surface of the product, otherwise it is called embossing. Both are made in a similar way. Embossing is a special technique engraved on a mold directly which creates a raised pattern or text on the surface of products such as a card or a box. The embossed logo on the yoga mat can quickly catch customers’ attention. The various convex texts and patterns of the embossing show different shades of texture, which highlights the three-dimensionality and artistic appeal of the printed item. In recent years, the technique is becoming more mature and improved with the development and diversification of luxury packaging. Besides, the uniqueness of embossing lies in its aesthetic and functional features.

Embossing is also a special printing which does not need printing ink. It can be seen on a wide range of fitness products made by Speck from foam roller and wrist bands to meditation mats and yoga mats. It’s worth noticing that the embossing printing is an environmentally friendly technology and it has zero pollution to the environment during its process. Embossing has helped Speck win a large number of devotees in recent years because its unique design enables your brand to stand out of the rest and give your company an edge over your rivals. However, one of its shortcomings is that the design can not be changed once finished with the mold.

IV. Woven Label

Woven label is the most widely used and accepted way of branding your products such as yoga mats. The woven label can be made from luxurious polyester thread that is soft and has a pretty gloss. Single-needle or wide loom stitches can be knitted with a smooth and polished look. Whether you are a time-honored firm or a newly established one, we can offer help with your design and create a woven label that will meet your requirements and budget.

As a professional company that focuses on yoga and fitness, Speck ensures that the woven labels it provides will tell the story behind your brand and finds a way to weave your special design which would amaze your customers.

V. Silicone Printing

To put it simple, silicone printing is to use silk-screen printing to deal with the mesh of graphics and texts because they can filter through the silica gel, and then apply a certain pressure to the silicone with a scratch plate to squeeze the silicone from the mesh of the graphic and text part onto the yoga mat. It’s becoming favored because of its flexibility, fade-resistant feature and durability. So the logo on your yoga mats will remain clear for as long as the product works. What’s more, it is equipped with an antiskid surface and displays a three-dimension effect and sheen.

VI. Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer, also known as heat transfer printing, is an emerging printing technology, which has been introduced to China less than a decade. The printed pattern is rich in layers, colors, and comes in different shapes and sizes. And it’s able to print customed logo on yoga mats at scale because of its small chromatic aberration which meets the requirements of the designer’s pattern.

Speck has been applied the heat transfer printing to a wide range of its products which include yoga mats. It is well-received by our customers because it costs less compared with other printing technologies and does not need the complicated plate burning process such as platemaking and chromatography, which is less likely to damage the surface of your yoga mat. In addition, it helps create added value and does not pollute the environment for its compliance with the standard of green printing.

Speck is a leading private label yoga mat supplier and dedicated to meeting the demand of its customers from all over the world and after having an understanding of the six approaches of private labelling your yoga mats, we believe you may have a clear idea about how to design your own logo. You are always welcome to contact us and send us your brand logo in .ai or .eps format, and we will use silk screen, laser engraving, embossing, woven label, silicone printing, thermal transfer and other technologies to apply your private label or brand logo to our products.

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