Lululemon and Liforme are, in the yoga mat market, two giants known by yoga enthusiasts who love practicing yoga asanas on their mats. Both Lululemon and Liforme offer yogis premium mats featuring different strengths and targeted groups. It is often the case that a yogi may pick up a mat of a famous brand after a careful consideration as the mat is not cheap, instead, it is often expensive. Therefore, while providing customers with quality yoga mats, you are supposed to take the pricing into serious consideration. In this article, Speck, the wholesale custom yoga mat supplier, will make a comparison between Liforme yoga mat and Lululemon yoga mat presenting their own weaknesses and strengths for your reference.

I. Liforme Yoga Mat vs Lululemon Yoga Mat

Lululemon VS Liforme Comparison Chart  
ModelLululemon Reversible MatLiforme Original Yoga Mat
MaterialsNatural rubberGripForMe (Rubber)
Thickness5 mm4.2 mm
Dimensions71 inches x 26 inches73 inches x 27 inches
Weight5.24 pounds5.51 pounds
PVC Free
Lifetime Warranty××
Need Break in××
Alignment System×
Polyurethane Engineered
Gender Free
Comfort & Support★★★★★★★★★★
Antimicrobial Performance★★★★★★★★★★
Grip ★★★★★★★★★★
Price Competitiveness★★★★☆★★★☆☆
Overall Rating30/35★ 28/35★

II. Materials & Durability

Lululemon Reversible yoga mat is made from natural rubber that contains no PVC or other harmful chemicals, safe for use. Liforme Original yoga mat creates the GripForMe material to promote the excellent grippy mat. In fact, the so-called GripForMe material is basically natural rubber. Since many yoga mats of other brands have adopted natural rubber as the material, what are the shining points of Lululemon Reversible yoga mat and the Liforme Original yoga mat?

Lululemon Reversible yoga mat is bonded by two materials–natural rubber as the base and a layer of polyurethane on the surface of the mat. Coincidentally, Liforme Original yoga mat is also equipped with this eco-friendly material. That’s why both of them yield excellence.

The shortcoming of natural rubber is that it is not so durable, and Lululemon Reversible yoga mat as well as the Liforme Original yoga mat is no exception. After a long time of regular and intensive use (approximately half a year), yogis would find that both of them look worn and beat up. Additionally, rubber is prone to scratches and nails. So it would be better for yoga enthusiasts to have a manicure before practicing yoga asanas on a rubber mat, and they should keep sharp objects in place in case of scratches and injuries.

Liforme Yoga Mat vs Lululemon Yoga Mat Review

III. Comfort & Support

When yogis are nailing yoga poses, the support and the comfort from the mat can greatly relive the pain. A good yoga mat should offer adequate support yet can not be too soft. A soft one is often related to unsteadiness, which is a potential threat to yogis who definitely need to maintain balance while sticking to a certain posture. What’s more, if the mat is too tough and strong, yoga practicers may feel painful and eventually fail to complete the training. Therefore, the comfort of the mat should never be ignored.

Fortunately, both the Lululemon Reversible yoga mat and the Liforme Original yoga mat achieve a perfect balance between comfort and support, offering yogis comfortable using experience and indispensable safety. In addition, both of them are characterized by a larger size, suitable for both men and women.

wholesale custom liforme yoga mat

IV. Grip & Portability

When it comes to the grip and portability, both the Lululemon Reversible yoga mat and the Liforme Original yoga mat score the same.

Unlike Manduka PRO mats that need break in before fully yielding a satisfactory and amazing grip, both the Lululemon and Liforme mat can offer instant traction the first time yogis lie on them. The Lululemon Reversible yoga mat claims that “the wetter I become, the better grip I have”. Similarly, Liforme Original yoga mats provide people with warrior-like grip that works quite well. While nailing an asana, yoga enthusiasts can maintain body balance without falling thanks to the remarkable grip performance.

The Lululemon Reversible yoga mat weighs 5.24 pounds, and the Liforme Original Yoga Mat 5.51 pounds. Compared with their counterparts on the yoga mat market, both of them are not light, nor are they suitable for being carried to a gym. As a result, it would be better for yogis to use these two mats at a fixed position.

V. Alignment System

The Alignment System on the surface of the Liforme Original Yoga Mat is an ingenious design that helps Liforme succeed in attracting yoga starters’ attention. There are lines and spots on the system serving as a guidance for yoga enthusiasts to correct postures. With the help of this practical and functional mat, people can fully stretch their arms and legs minimizing the occurrence of cramps and injuries.

VI. Price Competitiveness

Both of them are expensive, and the latter is much more pricy. The Lululemon Reversible mat sells for $84 whereas the Liforme Original yoga mat is sold at the price of $149.95! Really expensive, isn’t it? Considering the minor difference between them, as the Lululemon yoga mat supplier, we are sure that Lululemon Reversible yoga mat has the price competitiveness.

Both Lululemon and Liforme are eminent yoga mat brands, so the final judgement lies in your own preference. In reality, these two brands are firmly backed by quality yoga mats. And their success is a joint combination of reliable products and outstanding marketing strategies that later boost the branding effects. As long as you have good yoga mats, you have done a half!