The Benefits of Customizing Your Yoga Mats

Yoga, which allows us to get relaxed and stay healthy both mentally and physically, has gained more popularity among in recent years. Meantime, many customers are thinking about buying their custom yoga mats. The rise of yoga’s popularity also attracts the interest of fitness equipment manufacturers and providers, who has been providing services such as customizing and producing yoga mats. And here are some of the many advantages of custom yoga mats.

I. Personalized yoga mats can show certain characteristics and help the firm meet different needs of their customers which can further diversify their customer groups.

II. In addition, customized yoga mats help elevate the firm’s recognition and corporate image, which enable customers to distinguish the same product made by different firms or to separate disparate companies that belong to the same sector. A well-designed yoga mat with distinct patterns and colors will play a significant role in highlighting the feature and characteristic.

III. The custom yoga mats also contribute to enriching the products made by the company, helping it gain an edge over its competitors and expand its share market.

To customize your yoga mats is totally a feasible approach and will certainly draw the attention of many customers. However, many would wonder whether it is an easy thing to customize their own yoga mats and what should they take into consideration before doing that. Here are some suggestions on how to customize your bulk yoga mats.

What Can You Customize on Your Yoga Mats?

I. Size & Thickness

Different target customer groups/consumer groups require different sizes of yoga mats. Different sports types have different requirements for fitness mat cushion. Large manufacturers of exercise fitness mats are available in custom sizes. However, for custom sizes, the MOQ will be higher.

Yaga mat custom

II. Colors

The choice of a color can be very subjective, because people have different preference for different colors. Many yoga mats providers will offer a various of colors for custom yoga mats. As a fitness equipment supplier, Speck offers all kinds of colors to meet the needs and requirements of its customers. For people who do not favor light colors or think that light colors are not doing well in stain-resistance, we suggest dark colors such as purple, dark and crimson. Therefore, you do not need to always think about the stain which is difficult to remove. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who thinks that light colors are a dose of delight which give you the motivation and good mood for yoga exercise, Speck also offers you the colors such as blue, green and pink.

wholesale custom design TPE yoga mats

III. Patterns

The pattern, though, is also an important part of custom yoga mats. A yoga mat with an outstanding pattern makes an attractive addition to any yoga practitioner. When it comes to tailored yoga mats, customers always have their own ideas on the pattern, and many suppliers would meet their demands and produce the yoga mats with the pattern their customers want. As one of such providers, Speck provides a wide range of custom patterns for yoga mats, from animals and plants to abstract paintings and natural scenery. We also have custom position lines for yoga mats which are simple and neat and make people feel relaxed. It can also help yoga practitioners find the right spot and position and give them better yoga experience. What’s more, Speck can provide its customers with custom textures for yoga mats with various textures, which include wave-shaped texture, floral texture and irregular patterns. As long as the customer can give us their ideal patterns, our professional and experienced engineers can make it happen and satisfying.

custom pattern cork yoga mats

IV. Logos

Logo is the symbolization of corporate image or product feature. A logo has the characteristics of identity, leadership, connotation and innovation. One of the most important functions of a logo is the identify, which indicates the corporate culture, business philosophy and values of a company and represents the specific corporate spirit. In addition, the logo will transfer into an intangible asset for a company once it becomes influential, which will bring the firm huge market effect.

Many providers give different approaches of customizing logos. For example, speck produces custom logos through many techniques such as silk screen, embossing and heat transfer. And those methods have distinct features and differ from one another. Silk screen printing is relatively cheap and its color separation can be done automatically, so it’s gained a reputation among our customers. Embossing is a special technique engraved on a mold directly which creates a raised pattern or text on the surface of products such as a card or a box. The embossed logo on the yoga mat can quickly catch customers’ attention. The various convex texts and patterns of the embossing show different shades of texture, which highlights the three-dimensionality and artistic appeal of the printed item. The printed patterns of heat transfer printing are rich in layers, colors, and comes in different shapes and sizes. And it’s able to print customed logo on yoga mats at scale because of its small chromatic aberration.

V. Packaging

There are some common types for yoga mat packaging that most suppliers would offer: strap, mesh bag and canvas yoga bag. As a leading and sophisticated fitness equipment manufacturer, Speck offers the whole range of yoga mat packaging from canvas yoga bag and mesh bag to nylon yoga bag and yoga hand bag to help boost customers’ brand value and corporate image. And we promise that all these packaging materials can be tailored as our clients demand

custom packaging for yoga mats

How to Find Reliable Yoga Mats Manufacturer?

There are myriads of suppliers that manufacture or provide fitness equipment such as custom yoga mat. However, the quality and service are patchy, and it requires effort and time for customers to find a reliable and trustworthy supplier. Here are some suggestions on how to find a reliable custom yoga mats supplier.

 I. Google/Bing on Internet.

We suggest that customers look for a potential supplier on the internet, because it is relatively convenient. You can find a huge amount of information about custom yoga mat suppliers on many search engines such as Google and Bing. But it is worth paying special attention to the company profile, and you should always try to find as much information as you need on other channels of information if you have any interest in that supplier, which can prevent you from being deceived. Meanwhile, you should also take a closer look at their customer service and after-sale service as well as the reviews they get from customers. It is a fact that no one would want to work with a scandal-plagued supplier.

II. Trade Show

In addition, customers can also go on a field trip like participating the Canton Fair for fitness equipment, which helps them talk with the suppliers face to face and allows the suppliers to answer customers’ questions and show them the products. There is no doubt that it would strengthen mutual trust between customers and suppliers.

The Steps of Buying Custom Yoga Mats

To purchase custom yoga fitness mats in bulk is not as difficult as many people think it would be. Here are some basic steps to Purchase your custom yoga mats:

I. Source reliable custom yoga fitness mat supplier

II. Pick interested models

You need to start contacting the supplier after picking your favorite product. Then you can get a better understanding of both the product and the provider through the communication.

III. List down your requirement on customization

You have to explain your requirements of the features of custom exercise yoga mats such as the color, pattern and packages. If you have no idea about what kind of the pattern you prefer, you can always ask for help with the pattern design from the manufacturer. As for Speck, if you don’t have design files, our in-house graphic designers will make the design drawing and send them to you for your approval. And the discussion of price is equally important. After an agreement has been reached between you and the supplier, the supplier can produce the tailored yoga mats as the you demand and deliver the products on time.

IV. Arrange payment

Why Speck is Trustworthy?

As a pioneer and leading manufacturer of custom yoga mats, Speck has been providing OEM/ODM services for high-end sports brands for decades, and it also has built relationship with customers from 85 countries. We also have gained valuable experience about custom yoga mats and are able to provide custom yoga mats in different colors with various patterns as well as excellent yoga mat packaging, besides our products have been well-received among our domestic and foreign customers.

In addition, Speck not only provides pre-sales consultation on custom yoga mats, but also makes customers satisfied after-sales. These have contributed to helping us earn a good reputation as well as a large number of customers. Speck’s strong team of engineers is at your service at any time, send us the pattern, or ask us to create it. what are you waiting for? Start your customization today!

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