A Lululemon yoga mat offers you a perfect exercising tool through which you can enhance your body, build up the health of your joints and ligaments, and also relax yourself to your heart’s content. For many yogis, practicing yoga asanas has become a part of their life. If yoga mats in bulk are not maintained properly and cleaned thoroughly, they may, as expected, be detrimental to people’s health and even inflict physical injuries.

Yoga mats of different brands need to be treated accordingly as they are not manufactured by the same material or with the same texture (there are more factors, you know that). You are supposed to follow a certain cleaning routine so that your loved mat can be kept clean and intact.

Lululemon yoga mats are made by special materials that require you to clean them following unique methods. It is therefore vital for you to know the materials Lululemon yoga mats adopt first before cleaning them. So what are Lululemon yoga mats made of?

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I. What Are Lululemon Yoga Mats Made Of?

Lululemon yoga mats have been pursued and adored by yogis for years. Their perfect exercising performance as well as eco-friendly material presents people comfort and ease. Lululemon yoga mats are made of natural rubber with a layer of polyurethane coating. The natural rubber of premium quality protects your joints with its satisfactory cushioning. And if your knees are not so strong, you can pick up a Lululemon yoga mat with extra thickness, which yields better padding performance.

The layer of polyurethane coating on the front side of the mat is conducive to absorbing sweats and is partly the reason why this mat has such an outstanding traction. So if you are searching for a yoga mat with perfect grip, just buy this Lululemon yoga mat. In addition, an antimicrobial additive is added to the mat, further protecting the mat from annoying mold, mildew and other bacteria creeping onto the mat. However, if you are allergic to latex, you must not use Lululemon yoga mats as their mats are padded with latex. Latex plays a critical role in unleashing anti-slip functionality and strong sweat-absorbent property.

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Choosing the right material of yoga mat paves the way for your future yoga exercise. A suitable material can help you make a difference while an inferior one may even ruin your exercising career! As the leading OEM yoga mat manufacturer, Speck recommends you to read carefully the material of the yoga mat before you buy it, which really helps you a lot.

As for the color of yoga mats, you are supposed to pick up the one of darker color. A light color mat may look dirty and worn over time and you may even be averse to practicing yoga asanas on it. But the downside of a dark color yoga mat is that sometimes the stains on it can be overlooked due to the similar hue.

II. Why Should You Clean Your Lululemon Yoga Mat Regularly?

It is predictable that you may wonder that the mat looks nice, does not smell, and is not so dirty after each exercise, so why should it be cleaned and maintained regularly? Actually, some stains and bacteria are too small to be recognized by naked eyes, and some of them seldom give off unpleasant smell, making it much more difficult for you to perceive the presence of fungi and bacteria. It has been well-documented that every yoga mat in the yoga community can not 100% eliminate the existence of bacteria, in other words, you must clean your yoga mat completely and regularly to stay healthy during exercising yoga poses.

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The yoga mat of Lululemon is no exception, it also requires you to clean it on a regular basis.  Here Speck shares with you the top three reasons why you should clean your Lululemon yoga mat regularly. And after you have finished reading them, you will definitely set off to do the cleaning job.

1. It Prolongs the Service Life of Your Yoga Mat

The most obvious advantage of cleaning your yoga mat regularly is that it will prolongs the service life of the mat. A well-cleaned and properly maintained Lululemon yoga mat can extend its service life span by 5 to ten years, which actually saves you a lot of money and allows you to practice yoga asanas on your familiar friend. By cleaning your Lululemon yoga mat after every use, you can also get rid of those fungi and germs that stick to the mat stealthily. In addition, if the regular cleaning job is done, you do not have to adopt complicated cleaning methods as your Lululemon yoga mat is clean and fresh, which actually saves your time and energy. Just as we all know, the “final and tough cleaning” is the most delicate one and should be avoided as much as possible.

2. Not Only for You

If you prefer to do yoga practice in a yoga class or a gym, you should really take into consideration other’s feelings. Just imagine, you are nailing a yoga pose on the mat while suddenly you smell an odor coming from the mat used by a yogi next to you, can you still keep your pose attentively? Worse still, if you are the person that does not clean your yoga mat thoroughly and allows it to be smelly, you may encounter unfriendly look from your fellow yogis! They may ask you frankly or even rudely, “When was the last time you washed your damn mat?” Yes, we can not interfere others’ cleaning jobs, but we can model on good practices and set examples for others, right?

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3. It Brings You a Healthy Exercising

 Do not be so kind to offer bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi a home! Yoga is not a very easy exercise and may exhaust you after practicing. You will sweat a lot during nailing poses and if you allow sweats stay on the mat without wiping them off, these sweats together with fungi will come for you, eventually spoiling the fun of playing yoga. But, by cleaning your Lululemon yoga mat regularly, you can manage to eliminate most bacteria and stains that may be detrimental to your health. And you can say goodbye to unpleasant odors thanks to your regular cleaning efforts. In this way, you can enjoy yoga on your favorite mat carefreely!

What’s more, it can be beneficial to the cultivation of healthy living habits. Cleaning you yoga mat is like cleaning your own body, you certainly do not want to look dirty, do you? So carry out the cleaning job of your Lululemon yoga mat right now!

III. How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats

As mentioned above, Lululemon yoga mats are made by special materials that require you to clean them following unique methods. It is advisable for you to clean your mat instantly after use, which makes your cleaning job easier as sweats and moisture can not seep into the mat in a short period of time. Apart from the regular cleaning, Speck suggests you to clean your mat thoroughly twice a month with the following approaches to better protect yourself from fungi and bacteria.

Method 1: Cleaning with Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Materials You Need:

  • Teaspoon
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice
  • Water
  • Washcloth
  • Bowel
  • Cup
soda and lemon for cleaning yoga mats

Step 1: Fetch 1 teaspoon of pure baking soda and put it into the bowl.

Step 2: Add 5-10 drops of fresh lemon juice into the bowl.

Step 3: When bubbles appear, put a cup of water into the bowl and mix the solution thoroughly.

Step 4: Let the solution sit for 2 minutes before cleaning.

Step 5: Dip the washcloth in the home-made solution and use the wet washcloth to wipe/scrub the mat.

Step 6: Allow the Lululemon yoga mat rest for 5 minutes before rinsing the mat with warm water.

Step 7: Dry the mat in the shade.

Step 8: Clean the above used materials for future use.

Make sure you carry out these steps in a fixed order, which is very important. The pure baking soda offers a soft abrasion while the lemon juice, an acid liquid, is capable of removing stains, bacteria and fungi. This method is comparatively economic and you can find these materials in your kitchen or your local shops.

Method 2: Cleaning with Essential Oils

Essential oils have been widely adopted in our daily life. When we cook or pursue relaxation, we can turn to this magic oils. As you may have not expected, essential oils can also be applied to the cleaning of Lululemon yoga mats. Speck recommends you to pick up lavender oil or peppermint oil that smell good and boast agreeable antibacterial capability.

Materials You Need:

  • Lavender oil or peppermint oil
  • Water
  • Washcloth
  • Bowl
  • Cup
  • Teaspoon
  • Spray bottle

Cleaning steps:

Step 1: Take a cup of water and pour it into the bowl.

Step 2: Add several drops of essential oils into the bowl. If it is a tough cleaning, use a teaspoon to fetch more oils.

Step 3: Mix water and the essential oils thoroughly.

Step 4: Dip the washcloth in the solution before wiping the mat softly. A spray bottle would be better. So if you have one, fill it with the solution and spray it to the mat as evenly as you can.

Step 5: Let the mat rest for 5 to 10 minutes and wash it with warm water.

Step 6: Spread the mat in a well-ventilated space that avoids direct sunlight and wait for it to dry.

Step 7: Clean the above used materials for future use.

Lavender oils can make the solution fresh while peppermint oils are good at eliminating germs and stains. But if you do not like the fragrance of peppermint oils and lavender oils, you can replace them with lemongrass oils or tea tree oils. They all have pretty good cleaning properties. It is also allowable that you mix several essential oils into one if you can make a good one with appealing fragrance.

It should be noted that while using the spray bottle, do not spray the solution onto the floor, which may make the floor slippery and you have to do extra cleaning. To avoid this from happening, you can hold the spray bottle close to the mat (about 2 to 3 inches away) and spray the solution to it carefully.

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Method 3: Cleaning with Soap and Water

When your mat has stains or gives off unpleasant odors, cleaning it with soap and water is the simplest as well as the cheapest way. You can find these materials in your kitchen.

Materials You Need:

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Washcloth
  • Washbasin

Cleaning steps:

Step 1: Prepare a washbasin and pour warm water into it.

Step 2: Fetch a part of a soap and put it into the water.

Step 3: When the soap is completely dissolved in the water, immerse a washcloth into it for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Use the wet washcloth with soap water to wipe the mat.

Step 5: When stains and odors are gone, rinse the mat thoroughly.

Step 6: Dry the mat in the shade.

soap for cleaning lululemon yoga mat

If you have a large tub at home, you can also fill the tub with soap water and immerse the mat in it for half an hour, which may consume more water yet has better cleaning performance!

Method 4: Cleaning with Ready-made Cleaning Solutions

You may wonder that there are so many cleaning solutions in the market that sell like hot cakes. “Can I just buy one of them to clean my Lululemon yoga mat?” Of course, you can buy ready-made cleaning solutions in your local shops. A really good method, isn’t?

If you choose the Method 4, Speck suggests you to read the ingredients of cleaning solutions before buying them in case of terrible allergy or bad elements that are harmful to your health. And you are supposed to clean the mat according to the guide offered by the cleaning solution.

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