In yoga and fitness, the yoga ball is a relatively common auxiliary tool. There are many exercise methods related to it, and it is suitable for many people. It can exercise the waist, legs, and some parts of the spine. There are many benefits of yoga ball practice, do you know that? Let’s take a look at these specific introductions, you can learn more about it:

  1. People with waist and back injuries can also exercise. Because of the soft force, the yoga ball movement is relatively safe. Even people who have injured their back and need rehabilitation can practice it, which can avoid excessive impact on the joints, and it will be much easier to do.
  2. Training the body balance. The yoga ball is an “unstable” exercise device. When you leave the ground with the help of the yoga ball, you must try to keep your balance, not let the ball roll, and do not let yourself fall off the ball. It requires the comprehensive strength of the legs, waist and abdomen to control and maintain good body coordination and muscle strength.
  3. Massage effect. The yoga ball movement will try to make the body fully contact with the spherical surface. The yoga ball is made of soft PVC material, when the human body is in contact with it, the yoga ball will massage the body evenly and gently, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation.
  4. Correct posture. When you sit on the yoga ball, all parts of your body are constantly making subtle adjustments to keep your body stable. These small movements can promote blood circulation, strengthen waist, back and abdominal strength, make you sit upright involuntarily, open your shoulders, and correct your long-standing wrong sitting posture.

What body parts can be exercised with a fitness ball?

  1. Exercise muscle groups: legs, abdomen.

Bring your feet together, keeping gravity on your arms. As you inhale, tighten your abs and push forward. When you exhale, return to the starting position and do 15 reps.

  1. Arm, abdomen

Hold your upper body at 45 degrees to the yoga ball, support your hands on the ball and spread your feet apart. When you breathe in the upward movement, when you breathe out the arm bend repeatedly 15 times.

  1. Abdomen, legs

Climb on the yoga ball with your feet together like a flat board. Your arms are supported vertically on the ground. Bend your right foot forward when inhaling, and return when exhaling. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

  1. low abdomen, thighs

The calves are placed on top of the yoga ball, and the arms support the floor. Clip the yoga ball back with your feet as you inhale. Restore when exhaling, repeat 15 times.

  1. Both sides of the waist

Support your feet up to your knees on the yoga ball. Keep your hands perpendicular to the ground and keep your back flat to support your body. As you exhale, bend your feet together toward your arms. Restore when exhaling, repeat 15 times.

6、Abdomen, arms

Put your feet together on the yoga ball. Arms support the floor. Exhale and bend your arms down, inhale and stay upright, repeat 15 times.

7、Abdomen, legs

Tilt your body 45 degrees and keep your muscles tense. Hands upright with yoga ball. Exhale with arms bent and inhale with arms upright. Repeat 15 times.

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