Yoga ball is not only an exercise for weight loss and body shaping. Regular practice of yoga ball in life can also help us to correct the body posture. For example, hunchback can be corrected through the yoga ball.

Hunchback is a kind of posture that affects the shape very much, and a girl with hunchback has no temperament. In addition to this, hunchback can also affect the health, so it should be corrected in time.

As you sit on the yoga ball, all parts of your body are constantly making subtle adjustments to keep your body stable. These movements improve blood circulation and strengthen your lower back and abdomen. It makes you involuntarily sit up straight, open your shoulders and correct your long-standing wrong sitting posture. The practice with yoga ball allows you to correct your posture. The practice with yoga balls can allow you to correct your posture, such as hunchback and some minor problems of the waist and cervical spine caused by incorrect seating, which can be well corrected.

Although the yoga balls may seem ordinary, it can exercise all parts of the body. It can exercise the waist, abdomen, back and legs, and the yoga ball is not harmful to the body and has a good weight loss effect. First of all, the use of yoga balls can exercise women’s soft lines, enhance the balance of the body, and improve the flexibility of the ligaments. Secondly, exercising with custom yoga ball will not hurt the muscles and has a stretching effect on the whole body.

How to correct hunchback with yoga balls?

A variety of yoga poses, supplemented with exercise balls, can effectively correct a hunchback. The 6 most effective poses and exercises are detailed below.

I. Balasana

Sit on your knees with your thighs and upper body straight, arms crossed, and eyes looking straight ahead. As you inhale, place your hands behind your hips and slowly touch your feet. As you exhale, slowly bend your body forward, keeping your abdomen close to your thighs, and slowly tilt until your forehead rests on the floor. Keep breathing naturally and hold the posture for about 15 seconds, after finishing, return to the inhalation action and repeat 2 to 3 times.

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II. Viparita Salabhasana

Lie prone on the floor with your palms and face down. Put your hands at your sides and stretch your feet together and backward. Exhale and slowly lift your head, chest, hands and feet upward at the same time, stretching your limbs as far as possible. Keep breathing naturally and hold the pose for about 15 seconds. After finishing, return to step 1 and rest, repeat 2 to 3 times.

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III. Ustrasanaose

Start kneeling on your mat with knees hip-width apart and hips directly over knees. Press your shins and the tops of your feet into the mat. Bring your hands to your low back, fingers pointing down, and rest palms above glutes. Inhale and lift your chest, and then slowly start to lean your torso back. From here, bring your right hand to rest on your right heel and then your left hand to your left heel. (If you can’t reach your heels, turn your toes under; it will be easier to reach your heels in this modification.) Press your thighs forward so they are perpendicular to the floor. Keep your head in a relatively neutral position or, if it doesn’t strain your neck, drop it back. Hold for 30 seconds. To come out of the pose, bring your hands to your hips and slowly, leading with your chest, lift your torso as you press the thighs down toward the floor.

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IV. Hand Raising Asana

Stand with feet together, body straight, hands straight and flat in front of your body and crossed. After inhaling for 3 seconds, slowly raise your arms up to the top of your head. Tilt your head back slightly, look up at your hands, and pause for 6 seconds. Release your hands, spread your arms at shoulder level, and pause for 6 seconds. Inhale for 3 seconds to return to the position with your hands crossed over your head, and pause for 3 seconds. Exhale for 3 seconds and lower your arms back to a flat position in front of your body. Repeat 5 times.

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V. V-shaped balance pose

Relying on the wall to practice this movement, we can also break the routine steps and start from the upper body. Lie flat on the ground, face up, and lean your legs against the wall in an outstretched position. Lift your upper body upwards, palms down, and fingertips back at your sides to support your body. Shift your body weight to your sit bones, and keep moving your palms toward the wall, pushing your body toward your legs. Finally, the front side of the body is attached to the front side of the legs.

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VI. Iceberg pose

Straighten up, sit cross-legged. Inhale for 3 seconds while extending your arms to the left and right, palms up, and lift from the sides to the top of your head. Exhale for 3 seconds and hold your breath for 6 seconds after turning your upper body 90 degrees to the right. Then inhale for 3 seconds and turn your upper body back to the original position. Exhale for 2 seconds, palms down, arms from overhead to sides. This movement stretches the entire spine and relaxes the back muscles. But people with serious heart problems cannot do this exercise.

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