The dumbbell is a simple equipment/tool used to build muscle strength. Its main material is cast iron, and some dumbbells are covered with a layer of rubber. Dumbbells are mainly used for plyometric training and muscle compound movement training. If an exerciser uses dumbbells in a scientific approach, he/she can indeed receive pleasing exercise fruits.

In terms of the material and manufacturing process of dumbbells, dumbbells can be classified into seven types, namely, the wood steel dumbbell, water dumbbell, electroplated dumbbell, plastic-dipped dumbbell, rubber-coated dumbbell, sponge dumbbell and baking varnish dumbbell.

1. Wood Steel Dumbbell

Wood steel dumbbells have a natural texture of walnut wood. The handle of such a dumbbell is also made by walnut wood for a comfortable touching. Because of the natural specialty of walnut wood, each wood steel dumbbell has unique patterns. The manufacturing process of wood steel dumbbell is complicated: An artisan have to dig a hole from the middle of the wood and then constantly polish on the outside of the wood to obtain smooth and comfortable touching. Therefore, a pair of wood steel dumbbells is sold at a considerably high price and is not suitable for everyone.

wood steel dumbbell

2. Water Dumbbell

Water dumbbells mostly adopt plastic shells, are lightweight and easy to carry. They generally have hexagonal and octagonal design in their weight part. The weight of water dumbbells depends on the amount of water inside of the dumbbells, which means it is adjustable. If an exerciser thinks the water dumbbell filled fully with water is too light, it is advisable then to infuse water with sand and small stones in it to gain weight. The material of water dumbbells is food-grade PC/PP that features safety and environmental protection. But do not fill the dumbbells with hot water, which may result in the deformation of the shell. Apart from doing weightlifting, water dumbbells are suitable for push-ups. As they are the cheapest and the simplest tools in dumbbells, water dumbbells are favored by the young and ladies.

2. Electroplated Dumbbell

Sturdy and heavy with high density, electroplated dumbbells are made of cast iron and can be used permanently. The electroplated surface of this kind of dumbbell is smooth and cool without rusting or discoloration issues. Electroplated dumbbells are moderately priced, stylish in appearance, and are one of the common dumbbells in the gym.

electroplated dumbbell

4. Plastic-dipped Dumbbell

Plastic-dipped dumbbell is an assistance equipment for weightlifting and fitness exercises. Compared with barbells, they are smaller in size and lighter in weight. Its name comes from the dipping process during the manufacturing of such dumbbells. The internal part of plastic-dipped dumbbell is solid cast iron and the external part is made of dipping plastic. Plastic-dipped dumbbells have pleasant touching, boast strong attachment to colors and paints, and hold a long service life. Besides, these dumbbells contain no toxic elements and have high cost performance.

plastic-dipped dumbbell

5. Rubber-coated Dumbbell

The rubber-coated dumbbell is made by cast iron internally and rubber material externally. Rubber-coated dumbbells generally have hexagonal or dodecagonal designs, which enables the dumbbell itself to stand on the ground firmly. Rubber-coated dumbbells are perfect for push-ups and are also commonly seen in the gym.

rubber-coated dumbbell 02

6. Sponge Dumbbell

The sponge dumbbell, which is safe to use and easy to grip, has a layer of sponge protection outside the iron body. This kind of dumbbells often has lovely appearance and is suitable for ladies to use. Sponge dumbbells are generally light in weight as they are mainly used to increase the intensity of fat burning exercise and yoga training to help users better shape their figures. The outside layer of sponge ensures that the hands will not get hurt during exercise, and some sponge dumbbells made by premium material also have sweat absorption and non-slip function.

sponge dumbbell

7. Baking Varnish Dumbbell

The baking varnish dumbbell, a high price dumbbell, is made by electroplated cast iron with baked lacquer process. In general, baking varnish dumbbells consist of a set of dumbbell pieces, which enables the user to adjust the weight, and the handle is usually made by pure iron of one-piece molding. The surface layer of baked lacquer is thicker and more even than that of an electroplated layer. Besides, this kind of dumbbells has also stronger anti-rust performance and a longer service life. The disadvantage of baking varnish dumbbells is that after a long time of exercising, the color of the lacquer would fade due to sweats.

In terms of the structure of dumbbells, dumbbells can be divided into three types—the adjustable dumbbell, solid dumbbell and ringing dumbbell.

I. Adjustable Dumbbell

The adjustable dumbbell has three types—electroplated dumbbell, spray-paint dumbbell and rubber-coated dumbbell. The total weight of each pair of dumbbells reaches 35 to 40 kg. The weight of bell pieces ranges from 1kg, 1.5kg, 3kg to 5kg and can be freely adjusted. The dumbbell rods are fixed with clips at both ends, making them safe, reliable and practical to use. The electroplated dumbbell, a kind of adjustable dumbbell, has a bright appearance and a sense of power.

adjustable dumbbells

II. Solid Dumbbell

The solid dumbbell can be classified into two types, namely, the electroplated dumbbell and spray-paint dumbbell (these two kinds both have adjustable and solid models). Solid dumbbells have fixed weight as they welds the handle with two iron balls at two ends. This kind of dumbbell has 10 specifications and models (3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg and 40kg). Because the weight is fixed, an exerciser may feel easy to lift the dumbbell after a certain period of time, and has to purchase a new one of heavier weight for replacement. Therefore, when solid dumbbells of various weights are purchased, they will definitely take up a lot of space and are not suitable for exercises at home.

solid dumbbells

III. Ringing Dumbbell

The ringing dumbbell, each weighing 0.5kg to 1.5kg, screws fitness balls onto the ends of the handle with screw fasteners. When waved, ringing dumbbells can generate silver bell-like sound, which is pleasant to ears and can improve users’ interest. In this way, users can achieve better exercising fruits of building up muscles or losing weight. Ringing dumbbells are often used in the fitness disco dance to enhance the atmosphere.

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