Calisthenics are a form of training designed to offer the resistance to your muscle strength and endurance by using your body weight and gravity instead of using external equipment like barbells to provide resistance, and it has been existing since Ancient Greece. Nowadays almost all of its training movements derive from these bodyweight exercises, and many of them can be regarded as calisthenics with barbells and dumbbells.

But whatever the workout you are going to try, the key factor is to understand your physical condition and set your personal training goal. To start any workout can be intimidating, so here are some basic calisthenic workouts for beginners.

1. Squats

As a beginner of calisthenics, there is no need for you to rush into the most complicated workout that you can find. It would be better if you spend some time starting from some basic, but effective squats because it will allow your body to get used to this new training. To start a squat, you can simply put your feet within shoulder-width apart, and then lower your body down slowly while keeping your back straight and your hips pushed back until your upper knees are in line with the floor. Finally go back up to your starting position and repeat.


2. Lounge

Lounges are another simple and yet effective workout and this also helps you gain some muscle endurance on your legs. Doing this practice requires you to stand with feet shoulder-width apart and take a relatively big step forward with your right leg. Then you should bend both of your knees and lower yourself down until your left leg almost touches the floor. Next go back to your starting position and start repeating the same exercise with your left leg putting in the front position.


3. Jump squats

However, if you are eyeing for a more intense leg workout, you can try to finish a set of jump squats. Likewise, first start with your feet shoulder-width apart, but remember to slightly make your toes face outwards. Then you need to lower yourself with the same position as when you do a squat. But when you are in the deep squat position, you have to make sure that your core and back are straight as you push upward and jump. Finally, going back into the starting position and repeat the process.

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4. Burpees

This practice is relatively advanced and it can benefit your heart. First, start with your feet shoulder-width apart and try to distribute your weight to the heels of your feet. Then push your hips back and lower your body into a squat, and place your hands in front of your body on the floor and jump back with your feet behind you before going into a pushup position. Finally, take your feet back to your hands and jump back up then repeat the practice.

5. Jump rope

This workout does require the tool of a rope, but it does not break the rules of “no weights.” It uses a piece of equipment that helps to build your own body’s strength and muscles. Jumping rope is a pretty simple workout that may work wonders for your cardio health, muscle endurance and the build-up of muscles in your legs. You can pick up a jump rope and rotate the handle with your wrists then jump off of the ground at a height of about 2 inches.

6. Crunches

Enough with the workouts that more specifically train your legs, now let’s pay some attention to some that target your abdominals with crunches. To finish a crunch, first you should lie flat on your back and then bend your knees to where your feet are flat on the ground. Next, lay your hands under your head and put your chin close to your chest. And make your ribs close to your hips, which will help hold up your head and shoulders from the floor. Finally, lower your head back and repeat.


7. Pull-ups

Pull-ups is one of the most basic calisthenics exercises. It can be done anywhere because of its simplicity. To do a set of pull-ups, you just need to find a pull-up bar or some support structure that enables you to lift your body from the ground with your arms. First, grab the bar with both arms, then lift your body up to the height that your head reaches the bar and lower your body slowly. Keep repeating that about 10 times to finish a full set. Pull-ups will help you to strengthen your biceps and back muscles, which makes it an excellent calisthenics exercise for beginners to start the training.


8. Doing dips

Doing dips is another effective calisthenics exercise helping strengthen your upper-body. Dips can activate your triceps in a way that will amaze you, so this training can not be taken lightly especially for those who want to make some improvements in their triceps. For this practice, you need to a place with two dip bars of same height. However, if you can’t find a park with dip bars that is close to you, you can consider a mobile pull-up and dip bar that is very popular nowadays. First, simply hold on to the bars with both hands and lift both feet up and dip your body down. Next put yourself back up to finish the practice.

9. Leg raise

If you want to burn calories in a short period of time, a leg raise will be your best choice. This workout will really make you sweat. To complete a leg raise, first you need to find a pull-up bar that you can hold and hang from. When you get ready for that, you should keep both of your legs together and hold up them at a 45-degree angle like an L. Then lower your legs back down and repeat this process. Doing this exercise will help improve your leg muscles and exercise your abs. Besides, for those who like to try a full-body workout, they can hold their legs even higher which will require flexibility and greater strength.

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