There are many kinds of workouts for losing weight and improving physical health because they burn calories, increase your muscle strength and help improve your flexibility effectively, and many are quite entertaining at the same time such as trampoline. If you want to lose some weight and get in shape, it is worth a try to start some exercises on a trampoline. While most people may think this is typically an activity for kids when it comes to trampolines, but this activity is more beneficial to your fitness than you think. It helps your heart rate, burn calories, release endorphins as well as improving your balance and coordination.

However, another convenience about jumping on a trampoline is that it does not only work the muscles on your legs as with walking or running, it works all the muscles in your legs, hips as well as your arms and shoulders at once. Therefore, it does serve as an effective and entertaining workout for many people who want to get in shape.

If you’re new to trampoline workouts for weight loss and want to give it a try, here are some tips that will help you get started.

Do jump jacks

Doing jumping jacks requires you to jump up and down on the trampoline as fast as you can for about 25 seconds at first, then decrease it to 15 seconds, 10 seconds, and finally 5 seconds. You can take a break when you feel exhausted or sore so that you don’t stretch your muscles too hard. And you should remember that doing this exercise for about 10-15 minutes at a time is enough before you stop and take a break for about 5 minutes. It’s better to do this exercise each day for 20 minutes before meals in case you may feel uncomfortable on a full stomach.

Tuck jumps

Before this workout, remember to warm up first and then you can start from a straight jump to a tuck jump. To perform this exercise, first keep both your arms and knees slightly bent, jump up, and then pull your knees close to your body, next quickly let go your arms and legs when you bend your body down in order to make your feet jump down on the trampoline. Besides, you should do some recovery jumps between tuck jumps, but once you get used to this exercise, you can try some challenging movements to increase the intensity. Tuck jumps is an excellent high-intensity workout that will strengthen your core and help you burn fat quickly.

Seated drops

Seated drops are another outdoor trampoline exercise for people to burn calories. Doing this workout you need to jump up first, stretch your legs before your body and keep them in that posture so your hips can land on the trampoline, and finally jump back to your standing position. The key to this workout is to repeat it as many times as you can, and you can also invite your friends or family to join you in this exercise and see who is the best in performing the seated drops.

Seated drops

Pike Jumps

Pike jumps are another exercise that may help your heart pump and burn your fat quickly. During this process, you need to jump high in the air while holding your arms above your head, and then use your legs to touch your toes, keep your arms straight in front of you before stretching your arms and legs once more and then drop your feet to the trampoline. This exercise may make you feel tired and you can always take a break by doing 2 recovery jumps before repeating that process and over time you can test your resilience and see how many pike jumps you can do in five minutes without stopping.

Max jump

If you want to make more improvement in a relatively short period of time, you may want to add the max jump to your trampoline exercise routine. First you need some warm up such as jumping straight up before doing this exercise. Try to land on the trampoline mat when you sink your feet down. And then make your body lower into a half squat position before pushing off against the trampoline mat. Finally, repeat this process for about 15-20 minutes.

Trampoline star jumps

Trampoline star jumps contains the movement of your upper body, which is an ideal exercise for your daily workout routine. First you can jump up with your arms naturally lying down and your feet put together. After you jump off the trampoline mat, you should swing your arms and legs freely in a traditional way. Finally, hold high your arms over your head and take your feet back together as you jump back to the mat and repeat the process.

Jump and twist

Jump and twist is the exercise that activates and strengthens your upper body. To finish this exercise, first you need to start with a same position as you do with the star jumps. Then you stretch your arms straight and make them in line with the trampoline mat. Finally, twist your hips from one side to the other when you jump up in the air.

Jumping on a trampoline is a fun way for people to get fit and healthy. Besides helping you burn calories and getting in shape, trampoline exercise is also a low impact activity which will improve your balance and strengthen your heart. But it is recommendable that you do some cardio exercise and some stretching before jumping on the trampoline mat if you want to lose weight effectively and remove the strain in your muscles.

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