There’s a reason for the rise of the massage gun. The fast-pace life and increasing pressure from work are one motivation for people to go to the gym and relax themselves. And you’re likely to see that some people will hold a massager-like device to hit their muscles after muscle training in the gym.

There are some people who do think that it’s necessary to buy a massage gun, but most are having a second thought because of the lack of knowledge of how to choose a massage gun and the patchy massage gun market.

All the reasons make it a big headache for sports enthusiasts who want to buy a massage gun. There are a wide range of bulk massage guns and the price varies greatly. As a leading custom massage gun supplier, we’d like to share some tips that help you choose the right one easily.

I. Brand

Nowadays, massage guns produced by a famous brand are relatively expensive. However, if budget is not a problem, famous brands should be our first choice in regard of noise, weight and quality control. A reliable brand will provide its customers with better quality, security and improved after-sale service.

II. Configuration Parameters

Here are some factors you need to consider:

  1. The choice of a massage gun motor

As we’ve discussed before, the motor is the core of a massage gun, so customers should know if the massage gun is equipped with a brushed motor or brushless motor if they expect the massage gun to have a longer lifespan. This will have a direct effect on the noise, the overall weight and the lifespan of a massage gun. That is to say you need to spend more money to get those problems solved.

  1. Noise level

It will reduce the noise and offer a better experience if you use a brushless motor with relatively better quality. And it is recommendable to lower the noise under 60 decibels.

  1. Battery life

The longer the battery lasts the better. The massage gun with a full charge should be able to work as long as 6 hours. A short-lasting battery may be frustrating because it needs charging frequently.

  1. Frequency

The massage gun I’m using to relax muscles works at 2000 Hertz, and the other at 1500 Hertz, but the difference can be barely noticed.

  1. Speed

It is not true that the more speed options the better. Usually, it is enough to have three to five speed options.

Those are the things you need to consider before buying a massage gun which typically include budget, brand, after-sale service and configuration parameters.

III. What’s the Difference Between Other Massagers and the Massage Gun

There are many massagers such as the massage ball, massage stick, foam roller and massage gun, and the massage gun is the most expensive. But we can not simply measure the massager by its cost. The massage ball and the foam roller fall into this same category, which requires people to exert a force on them. You need to put your force onto the object and then the object sends the force back to your body to make you feel relaxed. The massage ball are more flexible when you use it to massage your soles. But you might need to stand against a wall if you want to massage your back with it. With a foam roller, you need to put it on the ground to massage your back. Normally you use your own force to press the massage stick to massage your body, but the force put on it might not be enough. The massage stick and the massage ball share one problem which is that their massive surface prevents them from being more efficient.

The massage gun, however, avoids such problem. It depends entirely on the force provided by the machine and it allows users to relax no matter where they are. The different speed options allow its users to adjust the force, while the foam roller depends only on the user to adjust his force. The more force you put on the foam roller the more force it pushes back, in contrast, the massage gun is more convenient.

If you are a sports fan and want to enjoy a long athletic career, but happen to dislike the exercise rehabilitation, muscle relaxation and stretching, then we recommend you to buy a massage gun. You can use it to relax yourself wherever and whenever you want.