In recent years, the massage gun has gained popularity among doctors, trainers and sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re exhausted from your workout in the gym or feeling stiff from sitting on a chair all day long, getting a massage can be a perfect way to relieve your pain. And these handheld tools can make you feel relaxed by increasing blood flow, reducing tension and soreness. But there are still many people struggling to use it properly and effectively. And some people may accidentally harm themselves or feel unsatisfied for using it incorrectly. Here we are going to talk about how to use a massive gun to relax your arm muscles and relieve your muscle soreness.

When will you need to use a massage gun?

I. Before a workout:

Whether you are enjoying water sports like wakeboarding or lifting and moving furniture around your house, your arms can be stiff, sore and carry tension. The custom massage gun is an excellent device to help you find relief, gain your strength and energy. This means that you’re not only getting blood to flow within your body, but it also helps your muscles ready for the workout. For example, if you’re going to do a bench press, make sure you massage the pecs for about 30 seconds and remember don’t overdo it.

II. After a long time using your arms:

Your arms are in an intense condition and the best thing you can do is get it relaxed. That’s where a massage gun comes in. Aim the tensed muscles on both of your arms and massage them for about 4-6 minutes. Also it’s important to fully focus on the muscle and avoid massaging your joints and bones. It’s recommendable that you do not massage your muscles directly with high speed. And it’s always good to let your body rest for a while and start with slower speed and then get to work. Also, it is important to use different heads for different parts for better results.

III. After a long day in office when you need to relax:

We have talked about bulk massage guns helping with relaxing your body and this is when you need them most. Sometimes you just need to relax after an exhausting day. Maybe spend about 8 minutes massaging your body part where it sores and hurts.

How to use a massage gun to treat your arms

We use our arms a lot when we work and play. If you are a frequent visitor to the gym, then you might often practicing the weights and the barbell with your arms, which may give you muscle soreness and tension. It also causes some serious arm pain for those moms who need to hold their babies for a long time every day. Remember to always turn it on before applying to your arms.

I. First we start with the triceps brachii muscle

We highly recommend massaging the tricep muscle, many people, however, dismiss the importance saying that the tricep muscle is not the pulling muscles. Actually a lot of problems that originate in the tricep muscle will come out in the elbow. The triceps brachii muscle part is quite big so it is not easy to reach and massage it by yourself, but if you have a partner you can ask your partner to do it for you. You should massage your tricep back and forth across your muscle fibers and finally massaging it for ten seconds from the muscle fibers from one end to the other. If you are using a massage gun to recover or relax, we recommend using it all over the muscle back and forth, side to side for two minutes total, which can help reduce muscle tightness by increasing the elasticity of the muscle.

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II. The next is your forearms

We recommend sitting down first when we begin to give the arm muscles a good massage, and then naturally put the hand on our lap with the palm up. If you tense your muscles too much, it would lead to counterproductive results. The muscle groups on our arms are typically numerous and smaller compared with other parts of our body, so it is not recommendable to use a sharp attachment such as the bullet head. The flat head would be perfect for our forearm muscles. First you can spend sometime on your flexors then move to your extensor muscles and the other part of it. Then you should adjust the massage gun to the slower speed and massage the inner side of the forearm and slowly move the massage gun between the elbow joint and the wrist joint. Always keep in mind that you should apply the massage gun on muscles only. Try to avoid joints and bones, and remember don’t put the massage gun on the wrist joint because the muscles there are quite thin and weak and there are more bones.

Then you need to slightly spin your arm and put the hand on your lap with the palm down, and massage the outer side of the forearm muscles back and forth. You can see more smaller muscle groups now, and then press the flat head on the forearm and massage it from inside to outside. But be careful not to hit your bones on your wrist and elbow in case the massage gun hurt you accidentally.

III. Finally we’re going to show you how to relax your biceps

Biceps play a very significant part in our lives because they are such a big part that support our arm movement, and biceps are the part starting from the shoulder joint to the wrist joint. We recommend a more flexible and comfortable head attachment such as a ball head if your biceps are quite sensitive or always under strain.

Now you should easily and naturally lay your hand on the lap and remember do not put too much force on the hand or the biceps wouldn’t be relaxed. Our biceps include the longer and shorter part. To be more effectively massage and relax the biceps, you can not just massage one and leave the other. Like the forearm you also need to spin the upper arm to fully massage the muscles there. To be safe, you should just massage the part between the shoulder joint and the wrist joint. It would be enough to start with three speed, then put the massage gun under the armpit and slowly move down to the whole inner side of the biceps and massage it up and down following the muscle for about two minutes. Then go cross the muscle on your biceps massaging the muscles from inside to outside and apply more pressure as needed. By this way, some people will see instant releases happening to their tight muscles after several minutes. Typically, massaging anywhere between 6 to 8 minutes is enough. In general, you should start low and go slow because massaging the muscles for too long can cause damage and bruising.

Always do your best to vibrate the massage gun over carefully, if you hit an area where it hurts or a body part that is under stress, leave the massage gun staying on that spot without adding additional force and then wait for a few moments before moving on to the next part. This can help recover the flexibility and strength of the muscle.

For many women, however, they should pay extra attention not to pressing too hard when they use the massage gun because they have fewer muscles and their biceps are relatively thinner. Therefore one way is to gently float the massage gun across your muscles.

This is how you massage your arms with a massage gun. Massage guns are absolutely safe to use for muscle pain or soreness if used properly, and a massage gun is an excellent tool to help speed up your recovery. It is a great way to improve your fitness and get rid of any sort of body pain. However, improper use of massage guns can also have bad consequences. So, make sure to be careful while massaging, as you wouldn’t want to hurt yourself. We hope that these suggestions will help you enjoy a safe and relaxing massage experience.

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