The massage gun can be used for massaging and relaxing large muscle groups on our body such as thigh muscles and arm muscles. It is, however, not recommended to apply a massage gun to some parts of our body where the muscles are relatively thin or near the internal organs, because the strength and frequency of vibration might accidentally hurt those body parts. Besides, using a massage gun to relieve joint pains and to massage carotid artery, femoral artery, chest, abdomen or chest or armpit is not recommended either.

Adjusting the gear of the massage gun too high or using it for too long can cause injury at any time. With the high-frequency vibration, the force first passes through the skin, the fat layer and the fascia layer and then reaches the muscle layer. The force weakens while passing through each layer of tissue. The skin, the fat layer and the fascia layer are the first to feel the pressure, so it could leave bruises on the skin tissue and even slightly tear our muscles up if we use too much force. The bulk massage guns can only be used on muscles not joints which include bones and ligaments; because when high-frequency force is transmitted to the bones, it will rebounds to the ligaments and injure them with excessive stress. A man who had ankle pain after running used a massage gun to relieve the pain, but the ankle swelled the next day. The ankle muscles are thin, and the massage gun works like a hammer that keeps hitting the ankle which finally injures the fascia.

It is a common mistake to use the massage gun to massage the myofascial trigger point directly. To massage the same myofascial trigger point for too long may cause damage to soft tissue and nerve cells, which will take more time to recover later.

Doing the stretch before relaxing the myofascial trigger point or starting massaging without paying attention to the vertebral column, particularly when using a foam roller, may harm the spine. We don’t recommend exercising for your lower back with foam roller deliberately because there is no extra bone to protect the spine.

High-frequence vibration leaves little time for the brain to receive information and to relax the muscles. We should massage slowly and allow the superficial layer fascia and muscle to adapt.

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