What is a Yoga Wheel?

The yoga wheel is a type of yoga tool, and it is different from the traditional yoga mat. The yoga wheel is designed with modern beauty and fashion, completely fits the body spine, which helps to shape the figure, massage the spine, reduce stress, and enhance the overall charisma. Yoga wheel is very popular among yoga practitioners, because it is fun to exercise with yoga wheels and the yoga wheel is a perfect tool for taking pictures, and most importantly, it is a better tool for people to massage their spine, soften their back, improve balance and strengthen the core strength.

How to Use a Yoga Wheel?

Stretch your upper body

This practice allows you to stretch your upper body and relieve your arm tension. First come on your knees and keep the wheel in front of you. Sitting in a position which your hips are over your heels and then place your fingers in the wheel and your thumbs on the outside. Then begin to roll the wheel forward and lift your hips up and come over your knees. As you roll the wheel forward, sinking your cheat into the mat and slowly coming back and sitting your hips over your heels. And then you can try to repeat the exercise a few more times to get fully stretched.

Relax your lower body

Place the wheel on the right side of the mat, and lie on your back. Place the right foot over the wheel and bend from your knee, then place your hands at the base of your skull and extend your left leg straight. Now draw your right knee into your chest, lift your left leg off the ground slightly and extend your right leg while drawing your left knee into your chest. When you inhale you should draw your right knee into your chest and extend the left. Similarly, when your exhale you should draw left knee into your chest and extend the right leg. Keep doing this exercise your legs and your waist will feel more relaxed.

Massaging your spine

First put your yoga wheel on the yoga mat and then come on to your seat, next put your feet out in front of you and from there you simply lift your hips and bring your hands out to the side for support and begin some gentle movement up and down the spine. During the exercise, you can explore what feels good and you can roll up and down spinal column from top to bottom or you can find a specific area to focus on. This is really a nice and comfortable way to massage out the spine and help to reverse the effects of working over the computer screen or hunching over a steering wheel all day as well as helping with your posture.

Relieve your back pain

Start with the practice with a seated position. Sit at the top of your mat so you have room to toll back and place the wheel behind your back and then lie back on your wheel so it sits tightly. Manage to play with the position until you find a comfortable spot and lean back. You can keep your thumbs in the wheel or place your palms over the mat by your sides. Then you are able to feel free to close your eyes and take a deep breath and slowly out. Now place your feet over the mat and bend from your knees and place your palms over the mat slowly rolling back while lifting your hips up and slowly lower down. As you roll back, remember to keep your chin tucked in to protect your neck.

Can Children Use Yoga Wheels?

There are several stages for children to grow and we recommend that kids do yoga beyond the age of 5 if they have any interest. And there are many benefits for kids to do yoga with bulk yoga wheels.

Yoga Wheel children

1. Improves concentration.

Some children are naturally active and inattentive, while yoga practice requires people to be focused which will help kids learn to be more concentrated.

2. Help with the sitting posture.

It is a common scene to see children with wrong sitting posture because of the neglect of some objective factors such as their parents. And with proper exercise with the custom yoga wheel on their back and spine, kids can become more conscious about their body shape and then form a good habit of sitting or standing correctly as well as helping them enhance balance, which is good for the bone development.

But there are also some factors requiring extra attention. Improper practice with the yoga wheel may hurt children’s spine because their bones and spine are relatively vulnerable compared with adults’ body. In addition, practicing yoga requires a high degree of mental concentration, and some children cannot keep focused for a long time and they can get injured easily once they are distracted.

What are the Pros and Cons of Yoga Wheels?



The correct and proper exercise with yoga wheels does no harm to our body, but for some beginners, it can be very challenging if they have no experience with the yoga wheel before. In order to avoid to pull a muscle, they should try not to force themselves to practice over their physical limit when they start with the yoga wheel.

One of the challenges during the practice is that yoga wheel requires exercisers to adjust their breath properly, because that’s the basic step for them to see the benefits.

In addition, the yoga wheel exercise needs people to support their body with both hands and it can be a little demanding for heavier people. It is, however, possible for them to meet the standards of the practice if they have more strength in their arms. And always keep in mind that when you do yoga with the wheel you should keep your hands stable, if you can’t do that you may have a higher risk of getting injured.

yoga wheel pro


To increase flexibility

Most people engaging in yoga practice hope to improve their flexibility. Though many different positions can help them with that goal, the yoga wheel may be the most ideal tool for this. Using a yoga wheel can increase the range of motion that allows people to improve their flexibility and do poses that they never thought impossible.

To improve spinal alignment

People use the yoga wheel for one important reason: to improve their spinal alignment. With an aligned spine, you may suffer less from the pain and discomfort in your back and neck. The yoga wheel can help by stretching the spine and opening up the chest and shoulders. You can always turn to the practice with yoga wheels to get better spinal alignment if you have any postural problem caused by accidents or other health issues.

To improve balance

Balance is another benefit that yoga wheels bring to people. The yoga wheel can improve your balance by providing a wide range of challenges. And with better balance, you can do more advanced poses with ease. Besides, the added strength brought by the yoga wheel can also help improve your balance.

What are the Qualities You Should Consider When Buying Yoga Wheels?

As the top yoga wheel manufacturer supplier, Speck share the advice as below:

1. Hardness

It is easy to cause the deformation of the yoga wheel and cause physical injury if the texture of the yoga wheel is not hard enough. The outer layer of the yoga wheel should be elastic and flexible. Since the surface of the yoga wheel is what out body touches most, so it’s very important and recommendable to buy the wheel made with eco-friendly materials which cause little harm to our skin.

2. Skid-resistance.

The yoga wheel acts as a supporting tool which makes it very essential for us to consider its skid-resistance feature. We need to do many movements with pushes on it and the skid-resistance can help us avoid accident injuries.

3. Weight

We should choose the right yoga wheel according to our own weight. If you choose a yoga wheel that is too light, you may find it really unstable and keeps rolling around when you use it for some exercise. A heavier yoga wheel helps us keep stable and balanced and offers us better experience.

4. Materials

The inner layer of the yoga wheel is generally made of wear-resistant resin material, which can withstand about 300-350 kg. The outer layer is generally made with silicone, rubber, TPE and PVC. Most of the cheaply produced yoga wheels on the market are tend to unglue easily or have a terrible smell. They are not doing well in skid-resistance and durability. The yoga wheel made of silicone are antiskid and durable, and there are raised dots on the surface helping massage your body. Another is the wooden yoga wheel, which is made with entirely natural material and very friendly to people who are allergic to rubber. But they can be quite expensive and it’s not convenient to clean.