Today, being physically fit offers you a lot of benefits which include improving your overall health and helping prevent you from most illnesses. Using gym equipment for regular workouts is a good way to remain fit and healthy, because there are many studies showing that exercise can provide not only physical benefits but also psychological ones. One of the most effective and professional way for you to get you physically fit and help you get the body you are dreaming of such as having triceps, six-pack abs, and enhancing muscle endurance and stamina is to exercise on gym equipment in a fitness studio. People go to the gym to work on different body parts, so in order to help you make a workout plan, here are 15 gym commercial equipment commonly used in a fitness studio. Hopefully, this will offer some useful tips when you go to a gym for some exercise.

1. Training bench

A basic but versatile training bench is a must-have for any gym and it is especially suitable for beginners. The training bench is an adjustable platform for weight losing exercises or even sit-ups. You should be able to adjust the backrest so that you can move it from the horizontal position to the inclined position. There are many different training benches but you might need to find a well-constructed bench that is easy to adjust. A personal training studio may own at least two of these.

Training bench

2. Dumbbell set

This may be the most important fitness equipment in fitness studio. Dumbbells are an ideal piece of equipment and there are various sets of them from light to heavy which gives many performers including beginners, young athletes and the elderly different options. Nowadays, you can find dumbbells on the market come in various shapes and materials, from plastic coating to colorful metal.

3. Treadmill

Treadmill is one of the most popular commercial fitness equipment that offers aerobic exercise. This kind of equipment is perfect for beginners to lose weight and provides a great warm-up exercise before you start doing some advanced workouts. We suggest you try a treadmill which allows you to adjust the inclination and speed and provides heart rate monitoring. Besides, a sturdy treadmill that is also equipped a screen that can show a virtual runway may give you better experience.


4. Stationary bikes

Stationary bicycle is not only a good form of cardiovascular training but also a good alternative for outdoor biking. There are many benefits of doing exercise on this commercial gym equipment, including burning your calories effectively, enhancing your leg muscles as well as improving your heart health.

Stationary bikes

5. Rowing machine

This gym equipment helps improve your flexibility and balance. Performers can do many things with full-body rowing machines, especially strong aerobic exercises. Unlike bicycles and treadmills, which require more attention to the lower body, custom rowing machines offer head-to-toe exercises including legs, core and upper body, making it a good workout for those that are suffering from join injuries. Besides, it is also a low-impact aerobic exercise that helps to burn a lot of calories.

6. Fitness ball

You can design your own workouts by using a fitness ball, especially core exercises. It adds additional stability challenging exercises such as chest presses, bicep curls, or plank knee tucks. Obviously, it is a piece of fitness equipment that is worthy trying.

Fitness ball

7. Barbell set

Instead of aiming for simple weight loss, younger people also tend to focus on intensive training. In order to meet different needs, there are many options for you to start your exercise with a barbell. Olympic barbell (55 pounds for men and 45 pounds for women) can help you with squat. This is also convenient for beginners who want to start strength training and the elderly who want to increase bone density by lifting weights to prevent fractures.

Barbell set

8. Kettlebell Set

Kettlebells can be regarded as an alternative to dumbbells because both of them activate muscle profile, especially the core muscles. Kettlebells come in different weights and sizes, so choose the one that suit you and get started.

Kettlebell Set

9. Ellipticals

It is one of the best commercial gym equipment because of its low-impact features, which means it is a senior-friendly tool because their back, knees, and ankles will all be protected. This also means that less tension will be put onto your joints and bones, therefore exercise-induced injuries will be greatly reduced. In brief, this type of equipment is very beneficial for people with lower-limb discomfort.


10. Weight Plates

Weight plates are a must-have product for people who want to exercise muscles and increase strength. There are a wide range of weight plates that you can choose from such as rubber crumb, bumper plates and tri-grip plates. They all have different purposes, for example, rubber crumb offers great impact protection to prevent damage to the floor. While tri-grip plates have a unique design which makes it easy for safe operation.

11. Aerobic steppers

Regarded as a simple but effective commercial gym equipment, aerobic steppers will allow you to do a variety of aerobic exercises, such as step-ups and lateral jumps.

Aerobic steppers

12. Rumblerollers

RumbleRollers is a scientifically-designed mobile tool, which imitates the thumb-like deep tissue massage. If you do strength training, then you may want to try this equipment in the fitness studio and make it a part of your daily workout. A rumbleroller helps break the knotted muscle fibers, eases the muscle tension, reduces the risk of getting injured and ensures a faster recovery.


13. Massage ball

As one of the most commonly used commercial gym equipment in fitness studio, Massage ball is a small and durable ball, which is the perfect tool for you to relax your muscle after an intense workout. You can use it at a specific part of your body to prevent pain and relieve tense muscles. It is more effective in massaging different muscle groups because of its small size.

14. Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are most commonly used commercial gym equipment in fitness studio. Many gym-goers will either choose standing exercise or floor exercise, so it is important to have a cushion to sit or kneel. Therefore, if you are a fan of floor exercise such as yoga or meditation, you may want to start your workouts on a mat. Customized yoga mats can help you create a comfortable space and help you meet you exercise needs at the same time.

Yoga mat

15. Balance trainers and resistance bands

Those are not really machines but they can be very essential for beginners. These accessories are used by many sports enthusiasts when they perform their daily workouts. Some of them such as resistance bands do a good job in preventing performers from getting hurt. They are not expensive and quite easy to be carried around.

However, you should remember that there is no need for you to use everything on the list. Some basic equipment such as dumbbells can do many things, too.

Balance trainers and resistance bands