What is spin class?

A spin class is where you exercise with indoor bikes or stationary bikes and it is long known as one of the best ways to help people burn their calories and help them drop pounds. A spin class can be used as a workout for both beginners and experts because it can be a light to moderate or a high-intensity workout. And there are also studies showing that two 30-minute sessions of the high-intensity workout helps improve your cardiovascular health and your body composition. A spin class with the indoor bike (the fitness equipment) can offer you more than just simply pedaling for burning your calories. Now let us take a closer look at what the benefits you will get from a spin class and some tips for you when you participate a spin class.

Tips for Participating in a Spin Class

Before you make your decision to join a spin class, there are some useful tips that you should bear in mind to ensure that you will make the most out of your exercise.

Dress appropriately

When you exercise with a bike, you want to wear comfortable, breathable, and moisture clothes, which can help you improve the efficiency. A spin class is designed to let you sweat and it usually takes you about an hour to really see the results. Therefore, it is recommendable that you wear something comfortable and choose a pair of athletic or cycling shoes when you head to your spin class.

Choosing a seat

This tip is best for beginners, we highly suggest you choose a seat that is near the front, because this will give you a clear sight of what the trainer is showing and hear clearly what the trainer’s instructions during the class.

Adjusting the seat

Some beginners might find it uncomfortable to exercise when their neck or shoulders are straining. And this might be a reminder for you to adjust the seat. During adjusting your seat, you should make sure that the seat is even with your hips and the handlebars should offer you enough space for your arms to be fully extended without putting pressure on your upper back and neck. Then put your feet on the pedal and put the straps on in order to protect you.

Drink water

You will sweat a lot while doing the spinning, so you have to drink lots of water to compensate for the high fluid loss. Without enough supplement of water you will get dizzy, which may lead to a fall from the bike. It is better to take a water bottle with you to the spin class.

Always set a realistic goal

You will find that cycling bikes have adjustable resistance knobs which allow you to speed up or slow down. And you should always set the daily goal according to your physical condition. If you don’t think that your legs are getting enough resistance from the spinning, you can increase it accordingly. Your goal with the exercise is to ensure that you see improvement everyday as you go to the spin class.

What will You Benefit from a Spin Class?

Signing up for a spin class is not only a healthy way for people who want to lose some weight but also offers a great cardio workout for people that want to clear their head and relieve daily stress from work. Sweating during the spinning helps boost physical and mental health, and even give you an opportunity to meet some like-minded people. And here are some benefits that you may get from the spinning.

It can be done by anyone

While the exercise of spinning may sound unfamiliar to many people, it is actually just like riding a bicycle outside. It is, however, easier compared with a real bike because you do not need to worry about losing your balance when you pedal it.

Weight loss

We are always looking for the best and most efficient approach to help us burn calories in the shortest time when working out. If you are one of those who are frustrated to find an efficient way to lose weight, then participate in a spin class may be the solution to your problem.

Increase endurance safely and decrease the risk of injury

The spin class with lower-intensity can be an ideal and low-impact solution for people who suffer from joint issues but still want to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

Exercising with stationary bikes helps avoid the risk of collision or sudden movements. Meanwhile it helps build the muscle groups that you want to work on.

Strength your heart

Cycling is deemed as a form of cardiovascular exercise. Studies have shown that regular cycling will greatly improve your heart, lungs and circulation while reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Meanwhile it also helps strength your heart muscles and lower resting pulse.