Many of Speck’s yoga mats are printed with beautiful patterns, with which the original mats of single-color become more dynamic and unique, thus bringing wonderful psychological conditioning and sensory experience for yoga fans during exercises.

UV printed TPE yoga mat

A gigantic number of customers have emailed or phoned us with this question: How are these patterns made? Actually, these elegant and exquisite pattern are acquired through UV printing (ultraviolet printing). The following part elaborates on the UV printing process for yoga mats and several related knowledge of this technique.

Printing Equipment: Flatbed UV Printer

yoga mat ultraviolet printing machine

UV printers are used to make personalized and unique images/texts for yoga mats. Unlike traditional printers that require a series of set plates to function normally, a UV printer can change the pattern to be printed rapidly without plates. This new technique is applicable for small-scale production to meet customized needs. The UV ink is also eco-friendly, which will not endanger human body and is thereby considered to be a safe material. Basically compatible with every material of yoga mats, a UV printer can work out complicated images/texts and present them in a clear and layered way. What’s more, the premium ink prevents the images/texts from peeling off the mats when they are rolled up.

Process Steps of UV Printing:

  1. Preparing yoga mats
  2. Painting varnish ink, matting ink and rubber ink
  3. Starting the UV printer
  4. Choosing an image, setting the type and positioning the frame
  5. Preparing fixtures
  6. Fixing fixtures
  7. Printing patterns

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The Advantages of UV Printing

  1. High color saturation and better visual effect. Compared with traditional flatbed printing, UV printing has better visual effect of color. Therefore, when it comes to products that have strict requirement for colors, UV printing can yield much more agreeable outcomes.
  2. With UV printing, the print will have a high gloss and is visually brilliant. When paired with a matte base color, it provides an attractive visual contrast, which is extremely beneficial for strengthening the high-quality image of the product.
  3. UV printing can greatly improve the cohesion of the patterns on the mats, and the patterns will not peel off the mats or fades when they are rolled up or folded. Patterns printed by UV printing can also pass the water-proof and wear-resisting tests easily.
  4. The operating processes are simple. Simply put the mat on the printer and then start the machine. There is no other step!

Processing Cost of UV Printing:

The cost of the pattern after printing is around 1.5 USD per square meter. After accounting for expenses such as labor, utilities, equipment depreciation and wages, the overall cost is around 3 USD per square meter.

Materials that are applicable for UV printing:

yoga mat with colorful artwork pattern

UV printed yoga mats are pretty appealing to yoga fans, and the share of UV printed mats in the market has been gradually increasing in recent years. Images/texts of yoga mats that are produced by UV printers are prevalent in the market due to three factors: the processing technique, cost and profit, and customers’ requirement.

As a leading yoga mats manufacturer, Speck is dedicated to developing advanced manufacturing processes of yoga mats, thereby offering customers novel and leading products.

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